Tony Revolori

Oh. My. God. Becky look at her Butt..... 📸 @remyhii
“I’m sorry but the food is where?” missing my mane. 📸 @stormshoots
I’m simply honored. Thank you @theacademy for the invite!!
One of my favorites from my shoot with The Man, The Myth, The Weather Problems @stormshoots.
Had my dream of stage diving come true last night. Thank you @juansarts and @mauimarcc for jumping with me. Thank you @logic for the invite! 📸 @itsmikeholland
In west California born and raised, on the beach sands is where I spent most of my days maxing relaxing, chilling out playing some b-ball out side of school when a couple of guys they were up to no good offered me a puff of some good good. And in one little cough my mind was gone and my brother said. “You’re never smoking weed without me again” I waited for an uber and when it came near the license plate said “Solo” and had a dice in the mirror if anything I could say this cab is rare. But I said whatever man forget it yo homie to a bar. I pulled up to the bar around 7 it 8 and I yelled to the uber jeez man smell you later. Look at the bar, and I’m finally there, to drink at the bar, as the prince of la. #wrotethisonthetoilet
If you had a surprise birthday karaoke party and didn’t film it did it even happen? (No I didn’t sing 22 by Taylor swift) thank you to everyone who came out was a really good time.
#Infinitywars I think I can say no one is prepared for this movie. Wow, such a good movie, brilliant performances from everyone. Go see this movie. You won’t regret it.
It’s #nationalsiblingday y’all you know what that means!!! Picture of my brothers! Woohooo!!!!
#isleofdogs premiere! Such a great movie. Everyone go see it cause it’s awesome!
Can you tell I really like #cocomovie congrats to all its success and for being the best movie of 2017. I’ll fight anyone on that.....
Waiting for an uber cause this is La......... 📸 @stormshoots
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