ʀᴏʙᴇʀᴛ ᴅᴏᴡɴᴇʏ ᴊʀ.🐥| ᴄᴄᴘ

↳ Have you ever tried Shawerma..I don’t know what it is but I wanna try it. -т.ѕтαяк |#rdjcult #stonysociety #girasolgrp #attritiongrp |↲ 23.5.2018☼☍

ʏᴏᴜɴɢ ᴅᴏᴡɴᴇʏ ac. Idk dt. #rdjcult @asgardkru @stxarkstrange @tohystark @mjcln.r @h.eronstars @mkinkko @bibanner @a.stronboy @adoringparker @wqndas @uniqucest heyyyy I’ve been dead for almost a month 💀 this is just a quick edit bcz I didn’t finish the other one but it’ll be up dw ー #stonysociety #girasolgrp #attritiongrp #stonycult #alianovnagrp
smol robert uwu ac. @blumeaudios dt. *deep breath* agnes, xen,lucy,milla,cay,rein,rima,haaniya,mariam,chiara, layla,dania,sanarya SKSKDYgFT I messed up a little bcz I was trying a different style but,,, I still like it *shOok* - #rdjcult #stonysociety #girasolgrp #attritiongrp scenepack; @n.alarium
‘s post cc. mine ac. @boca.aep dt. @asgardkru @spidertommm @stcrkmorgan @marvelfan.bby @pxkerallen @oohstark @tongaystark @kiingmarvel Oof idk what I was going for but it doesn’t do Natasha justice... and the loop is just- #attritiongrp #stonysociety #girasolgrp
‘s post cc. mine ac. savioraudios dt. @dqvos @uniqucest @insxnvty @starkmechanic @pctermoff @stxarkstrange @stcrkmorgan @mjcln.r @beingtamy @pureavengers @asgardkru @qualityloki @spidertommm @h.eronstars @pctermoff This crappy video doesn’t do her justice :,) but BRIE SNAPPED Idk this edit is super short but I had tons of homework so :,) #girasolgrp #stonysociety #xherorct
‘s post cc. uniqucest (edited) ac. mine dt. @editingren @uniqucest @infinityvengxrs @ircnspidrr @h.eronstars @teamdowney_rdj @wqndas @ywzieg @stxckybarnes @mjcln.r @evans.boobs @asgardkru *wipes sweat* Tried a new style also this edit is very simple.... meh Hope u like what u see ;D #stonysociety #girasolgrp #rdjcult #xherorct
‘s post cc. mine ac. mine (ib. @_webheads ) dt. *deep breathe* @asgardkru @starkcng @stcrkasm @stvrked @ircnspidrr @h.eronstars @mkinkko @satvrninity @jotunheda @angerberry @stxarkstrange oOf I’ve been so inactive it’s weird also I forgot how to edit bcz this looks horrible ;-; #girasolgrp #rdjcult #stonysociety #xherorct
‘s post ac/ib. @teleschxpe @f.uturology cc. mine dt. @lumosfaze @dalilabela01 @wellhayley sKGYSJF this edit is so simple I’m- (tag ¿ @wellhayley ) (dalila liked uwu) repost. [#girasolgrp ]
‘s post cc. moi ac. @xunmasked dt. #rdjcult and anyone who sees this :) Idk I made this edit for fun for ma birthday and I hope y’all like it ;D
‘s post cc. mine ac. @notanotherfandomacc dt. @l.oveletting - @stxarkstrange @editingren & all awae fans I LOVED editing them and @l.oveletting was definitely my biggest inspo also for once I like what I edit,,,,shocker Please tag @amybethmcnulty and @lucasjzumann In the comments
Hola :) won’t post an edit this week since I’m not feeling well and I can’t think of good transitions soo enjoy this adorable blooper :))
‘s post cc. mine ac. @notanotherfandomacc dt. @ironcvp @mxltidior @starkmechanic @lokiistark @editingren @spidertommm @beingtamy @_kingquackson_ @stxarkstrange @kiingmarvel @robbydowneyjr @qualityloki @uniqucest @starkstrash @spiderboi_tom (Sorry if u didn’t get a dt there were a lot of accs) Hope u like what u see ;D Also I wanna try being more creative with these edits soo yeah [ #rdjcult ]
‘s post cc. Mine ac. @supremeaudios dt. @webhead.s @stxarkstrange Woowwwww no more cute cut water mark woohooo!!! Not my fav edit but It’ll do. I’m also working on a trio edit that I actually like ;D (Insta get ur shiz together and fix the quality)
‘s post ac. @deadaudio dt. Annie & Eleanor I genuinely despise this edit but I haven’t posted in a week so I’ll leave it here. Also I have 0 I inspo soooo it was gonna be ugly either way Also THANK U @instagram for ruining my 1080P quality :/
Posting an edit in a few hourssssssss ahhhhhh super glue ur wigs or they’ll be snatched jk jk
‘s post cc. didn’t use dt. @stxarkstrange @spidertommm and Benedict ac. @drizzyaudios HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENEDICT!!!!!!!!!! Woohooooo he’s 42 WoOOwWW I’ve known him since the movie War Horse and OOF 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 ok yeah ;-; Uhhh I don’t really like this so I might redo it
‘s post cc. meee dt. @stxarkstrange @uniqucest @robertdowneyjr @gwynethpaltrow ac. @parkeraudios Yayayayayayay a pepperony edit (finally) I really wanna make more edits with these two!!! Comment if u prefer 16:9 or 4:3 as a screen size...
‘s edit cc. Moi dt. @twhiddleston @stxarkstrange @barnxs ac. Mine Yaaayyyy I’m actually proud of an edit for once and it’s for this precious bean ;D But uhhh Instagram ruined the quality smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ “Scream” in the comments if u love 💗 Tom Hiddleston
‘s post cc. moi dt. @stxarkstrange @robertdowneyjr @tomholland2013 ac. @drizzyaudios Here’s the Tony and Peter edit ;D it took me 2 days to make it soo let’s hope it doesn’t flop horribly 🙏🏼 Comment literally anything below ;)