Thomas Didillon

⚽️ RSC Anderlecht

2018 was a year full of experiences for me : from my surgery in January, being able again to play, having a great opportunity to join an amazing club, with amazing fans and to meet amazing teammates. I’m grateful to all this people to help me reaching my dreams ! Finishing this year by this kind of performance is a great gift for all of us. Now let’s have some rest, let’s set some goals and let’s work for it. Thank you very much everyone ! #COYM
Riding horses in family 😂♥️ @nine_psqt
Purple Christmas ! 🙈🥰 #COYM
I want to thank all the people who wished me a good 2️⃣3️⃣ birthday ! 🎉 It counts a lot ! But I know the best is yet to come 🤩
That feeling when you finally get your clean sheet ! 😬 #COYM
That’s the Anderlecht we all like. Thanks to the fans for coming and helping us for this victory ! #COYM
When you’re 100% focused on next game.. 👀
Good win from the team today. We continue our walk forward ! I am also very proud and honored to receive the month’s best player trophy ! Thank you to the fans for your great support ! #COYM
The victory is for us, and deserved. Good game and most of all, i saw a very nice team spirit from the whole team. Work is paying off ! #COYM
What a victory ! We showed that, as a team, all is possible ! What a mentality ! #COYM
Disappointing result yesterday. Big thanks to our fans for your support ! It will count all along the season ! #COYM
We wish you a lovely week end from Alsace 😘 @nine_psqt
Disappointed by the result of yesterday, but we have to keep pushing forward. #COYM
Dream team ♥️ @_samowski_ @tristanvillaume
Happy 2nd Birthday 🎉 so proud of my son ♥️
Tonight was a tough game, but we showed that we are Anderlecht. Big thoughts to @eliascobbaut 💜 #COYM
Great win of the team, but bad for the goals against. Big congrats to @nanylandrydimata & @sante18 for their amazing performances !! #COYM 💜
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