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Party skateboard jams boner

It’d been many years of me wanting to go to Iceland. Glad that it finally happened. Now going home with sore legs from hiking and a butt crack full of silica from the Blue Lagoon. It’s one of those countries with just endless natural beauty. Lord Of The Rings, Game Of Thrones, and The Banner Saga all had an art direction key party and called it Iceland. Trips like these remind me of why it’s so important to fight for the balance of our impact on the Earth. If we are careless, we risk losing it. And if we’re compassionate, we get to keep it. Pretty good reason to pay it forward if you ask me. Skál.
Viking parliament. More like Viking FARTliament, amirite?!! #somebodySTOPME #ssssssmokin
Trying to tie up my hood while keeping my coffee from spilling in the wind. Very solid pose. A+ style.
Kayaking in a dang glacier lagoon.
I’m all about The Krankies. Husband and wife/father and son? Sign me up.
We get it, ok? “Bubble Bobble toil and Scrabble.” — Shakespeare
So much to see. Everywhere you look is a waterfall and an old volcano and a French man trying to coax his crying son back to sanity because the family’s been in the car too long. And what’s this... ICELANDIC CHIPS? I mean, while I hope that Reykjavik brings me and Benny Boy out there for a sold out show, just in case that deal doesn’t materialize I’ll go ahead and step outside the parameters of my reviews recommend Maarud’s “Potetgull” aka Paprika flavored chips. They are pretty much a salty unsweetened BBQ, which is great, because I never understood why BBQ always tastes like it took a bath in sugar. Was hoping for a little more zip. A light, crisp chip, like if Lays got their shit together. A- Oh and Iceland is the tits.
Iceland trip. Day 1 was a hike up and around Glymur, the highest waterfall in the country. So much of this place is out of a Tolkien novel. We are here for almost two weeks so prepare yourselves for endless gushing about nature and Vikings and maybe that one time we saw Bjork. The wind was fierce at the top. Mollie was a trooper and even crossed the river like a boss. Btw, that water is so cold. Just...just so cold. But tasty. Crispy. CRISPR.
Come see #middleditchandschwartz at the Orpheum Theater in Phoenix 10/26 and at the Nourse Theater in San Francisco 10/27. I’ll post a couple stories with that sweet swipe-up action. Get those pre sale tickets while you can!!!
Huntington Library has a lily pond. And a Australian outback. And a desert. And a Japan. And a China. And a paintings. And a books. And a Mollie.
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