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Llllll— little bit difficult for me to do....😂 -🥀- -🥀- -🥀- -🥀- -/ @tomholland2013 \- ————————————————— • • • [Follow @tom_x_holland For more]🤟🏽 • • • • [Tags] #tomholland #tomhollandmemes #tomhollandedits #peterparker #parkerpeter #spiderman #spidey #samholland #harryholland #paddyholland #loveyouforeverandalways #infinitywar #avengersinfinitywar #spidermanhomcoming #spidermanfarfromhome #rip #iloveyousomuch @tomholland2013 @tomholland2013
So... yeah... Sooo school starts in 2 days:/ -🥀- -🥀- -🥀- -🥀- -/ @tomholland2013 \- ————————————————— • • ‼️GIVE CREDIT‼️ • [Follow @tom_x_holland For more]🤟🏽 • • • • [Tags] #tomholland #tomhollandmemes #tomhollandedits #peterparker #parkerpeter #spiderman #spidey #samholland #harryholland #paddyholland #loveyouforeverandalways #infinitywar #avengersinfinitywar #spidermanhomcoming #spidermanfarfromhome #rip #iloveyousomuch @tomholland2013
The sad thing is... this happens every time I get out of the shower!😭😂💀 -🥀- -🥀- -🥀- -🥀- -/ @tomholland2013 \- ————————————————— • • • [Follow @tom_x_holland For more]🤟🏽 • • • • [Tags] #tomholland #tomhollandmemes #tomhollandedits #peterparker #parkerpeter #spiderman #spidey #samholland #harryholland #paddyholland #loveyouforeverandalways #infinitywar #avengersinfinitywar #spidermanhomcoming #spidermanfarfromhome #rip #iloveyousomuch @tomholland2013 @harryholland64
Relatable....😪 -🥀- -🥀- -🥀- -🥀- -/ @tomholland2013 \- ————————————————— • • ‼️GIVE CREDIT‼️ • [Follow @tom_x_holland For more]🤟🏽 • • • • [Tags] #tomholland #tomhollandmemes #tomhollandedits #peterparker #parkerpeter #spiderman #spidey #samholland #harryholland #paddyholland #loveyouforeverandalways #infinitywar #avengersinfinitywar #spidermanhomcoming #spidermanfarfromhome #rip #iloveyousomuch @tomholland2013
I love this so much!😂😂❤️ -🥀- -🥀- -🥀- -🥀- -/ @tomholland2013 \- ————————————————— • • • [Follow @tom_x_holland For more]🤟🏽 • • • • [Tags] #tomholland #tomhollandmemes #tomhollandedits #peterparker #parkerpeter #spiderman #spidey #samholland #harryholland #paddyholland #loveyouforeverandalways #infinitywar #avengersinfinitywar #spidermanhomcoming #spidermanfarfromhome #rip #iloveyousomuch @tomholland2013 @harryholland64
PART NINE:))))))))) - - - - He turned facing you and Tom, he smirked “oh I see what’s happening here...” you looked down Clinching you fists. Tom looked at you and knew it had to do with Haz. “Leave us alone.” Tom said playing it off. Haz walked over and sat in front of you, you could feel his eyes scanning you. “Y/n you free after detention” Haz said biting his lip. “Sorry but me and y/n are hanging out after school and your not invited.” You looked over and Tom and smiled. “Oh that’s to bad.” Haz said annoyed as he stood up and stomped over to #a seat in the front corner of the room. “Uh thanks Tom.” You said blushing. “Anytime it’s what best friends do.” You both smiled and took your notebooks out to work on your homework. You could tell Tom wanted to say something so bad but, he just couldn’t say it. You ignored it and flared over at Harrison, he had already been looking at you biting his lip again. You rolled your eyes and began your Bio homework, luckily the homework was easy since it was the first day. Finally after 45 minutes of finishing your Bio, Math, and English homework detention was over. You and Tom both slowly stood up and stretched out your arms and legs. You grabbed your bag looking over at Tom, he smiled “what?” He said giggling. “Oh nothing, detention is over WHOOP.” You said throwing your arms up laughing. Tom laughed along. You stuffed your bag full of your notebooks and started to walk threw the rows of desks. You teacher jumped from her nap, “Uh you are all dismissed ig.” She said fixing her glasses on her face. Haz hopped up and ran over, placing is body only 1 foot away from yours leaning against the desk. “How about you say you leave this clown and I can take you home.” You suddenly got moved behind Tom as he said “Haha I don’t mean to be rude but we have places to be so would you be so kind in moving?” Tom said glaring into Harrison’s eyes. “Uh- Haz was about to say something until Tom five stared him right in the face. “SUCK IT HAZ.” Tom yelled he grabbed your arm and ran out the door. *you could feel strong and soft Tom’s hands were* you both ran as the dust of the school air hit our faces. The halls were dark and empty. You both...
MAWW DUDES YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS BUT I JUST ENTERED THE DONATION!! Im not just doing it so I can see @tomholland2013 I’m doing it because I support @thebrotherstrust foundation!! They are all amazing people and I love what they are doing... I know $20 dollars isn’t a lot but I hope it can help someone!! Best of luck to @tomholland2013 and everyone else who entered!! Love you guys so much!! let’s hope and pray I win!😍❤️💫 - - - - - - There is a 0.1/2% chance maybe not even that:( - - - - - - [TAGS] [ #omgpage #tomholland #thebrotherstrust #goodluck #farfromhome #tomhollanddrawings ] #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomhollandpeterparker #tomhollandmemes #tomhollandpeterparkeredit #peterparker #spiderman #spidey #hollander #samholland #harryholland #paddyholland #onlyfriend #avengersinfinitywar #infinitywar #spidermanhomcoming #spidermanfarfromhome #rip #loveyousomuch #comebackmypeter @tomholland2013
PART EIGHT:)))))))) - - - - You heard a loud noise it soun- you jumped up. You accidentally drifted off during class. *shoot* you thought. You heard Tom giggling as he packed his stuff. “Come on sleepy head detention has our names written all over it.” You rolled your eyes smiling as you stuffed your notebook in your bag. You both said “Bye” to your English teacher and walked to detention. You had a great time laughing and talking to Tom, until your reached the big steel door with “detention kids only” taped right in the center. You and Tom both looked at eachother “Ladies first.” Tom said stepping aside. You chuckled “No no I insist.” Pushing him through the door into the room, continuing to laugh. You followed behind him, the teacher looked over as her glasses fell to her nose. “Names.” She screeched. Tom looked behind him to make eye contact with yours, you got lost in his eyes. “Y/n, Y/n.. hello.” You flinched “what huh what.” Tom laughed historically, “the teacher wants your name.” He giggled “Oh uh I’m Y/n.” You said embarrassingly. “Please take a seat and begin your homework, you have an hour.” She said slowing looking back at her computer screen. “Let’s sit in the back corner.” He said pointing to the spot. You nodded. You both sat down. Placing your bags on the floor. Tom looked over at you making eye contact with you again, “hey Y/n so uh.. what was bothering you last period.” He said with a slight smile. You looked down not making eye contact anymore. You didn’t know if you could trust him since he was best friends with Haz.. well at least you thought. “Uh just.. detention.. I’ve never been so I was stressing, nothing big.” You said still looking down. Tom gently grabbed you face, you didn’t want to make eye contact so you kept looking down. “Come on you can tell me anything Y/n.” He said “how can I trust you.” You said moving away. “We’ve been really good friends since the beginning of last year.” He said shrugging “what do you got to loose.” “YOU” you said looking at him with a frown. “You could never.” He said smiling. You looked back down. *gosh he is just so cute and sweet* you thought. You sighed “o ok.” You looked at him. “Last year.. uhh..
PART SEVEN:))))) - - - - You’ve been panicking the whole day, it was finally last period which was English. You just wanted the day to be over, you couldn’t think or focus. You laid your head on your arms trying not to think about after school. You began to drift off until you felt a slight tap on your shoulder. You looked up fixing your hair from blocking your eyes, it was Tom! You made eye contact with his beautiful brown eyes that sparkled as he said, “Y/N I noticed you looked a little stressed you ok?” He smiled. “Uh yeah, just school.” You said lying as you put on a fake smile. He raised his eye brow. “I’ll tell you after class.” you whispered. He said “ok you gotta make it quick because I have to get to detention after school today.” Your eyes opened big and a huge grin grew on your face. “Your kidding right.” You said joyfully. “Uh sadly not.” He said frowning. Your teacher coughed “eh-hem” she said glaring at you and Tom. you looked at her hoping she wouldn’t say “meet me after class.” So you quickly turned facing the front and said “so sorry, continue.” She rolled her eyes and began her lesson again. You took out your notebook and ripped a little piece out. You wrote “Omg Tom I have detention too!” You crumbled it up and made sure the teacher was facing the board. You threw it across your desk onto Toms. He opened it smiling really big. He grabbed his pen and began to write, he passed the note back onto you. It read “maybe we can walk together.:)” you looked at him you both blushed. You nodded your head and smiled. You sat there in your seat. You couldn’t wait for after school.👑 - - - - - [TAGS] #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomhollandpeterparker #tomhollandmemes #tomhollandpeterparkeredit #peterparker #spiderman #spidey #hollander #samholland #harryholland #paddyholland #onlyfriend #avengersinfinitywar #infinitywar #spidermanhomcoming #spidermanfarfromhome #rip #loveyousomuch #comebackmypeter @tomholland2013
PART SIX;)))) - - - - Jacob looked up from his phone noticing you weren’t happy. He raised his eye brow “I got freaking detention Jacob.” You said walking back and forth in front of him. Jacob grabbed your shoulder stopping your from moving. “It’s going to be ok, you won’t be alone you’ll have Harrison with you.” Your eyes grew wide and your mouth dropped. You thought *Shiz this cant be happening. Jacob was only friends with Haz because of Tom, but the reason you hated Haz and Tom was because if last year. Haz was the biggest bully you can imagine, he bullied you all last year. Jacob was always there to help and stop Haz. Everything of course was worked out and they are all friends again, but your not Bc Harrison has done something You haven’t even told Jacob about. When your alone or is hanging out with your other friends Haz would harass you he would grab and touch spots that made you feel uncomfortable. Tom was always by Harrison, but he never did anything, he would just stand there as a bystander. It always seemed like he wanted to stop him but it was like his body forbid him. 👑 - - - - [TAGS] #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomhollandpeterparker #tomhollandmemes #tomhollandpeterparkeredit #peterparker #spiderman #spidey #hollander #samholland #harryholland #paddyholland #onlyfriend #avengersinfinitywar #infinitywar #spidermanhomcoming #spidermanfarfromhome #rip #loveyousomuch #comebackmypeter @tomholland2013
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