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Shot this fun visual with @rudeboydonovan in like 15 minutes to test out the new RED Gemini sensor in low light about a month ago #xxxtentacion #SAD ! #dance #cinematography #filmingdance @reddigitalcinema
#FreakMe - Directed by me and @ciara :) 1st AC @rudeboydonovan Movement by @otheezycreatedit #dance #tmillytv #ciara
Shooting #FreakMe visuals with @ciara ✌🏼 everyone go check out her new song! It’s 🔥
Shoutout to my crazy talented friend @jojogomezxo for killing it on this shoot I directed for @puma @pumaperformance #dance #directing #cinematography 🎶 #notyournumber @novamillerofficial
@cachemelvin @jojogomezxo & @jadebug98 dancing in this clip I directed/shot for @puma @pumaperformance as part of their latest dance campaign @tmillytv produced! #dance #choreography
The reviews are in 😱😂 It’s nice that people are appreciating the filming side of things more and more 🙏🏻
New video on my channel! Choreo by @tessandrachavez ft @seanlew & @kayceericeofficial - Special thanks to @alexandriaballrooms for the location! #Station by @musiclapsley | Directed/shot by me!
Shot this clip the other day with @theedengarden & @erica_klein in just 1 hour in the studio 😱 Song: #GlowNow @marinamaximilian #dance
Hit 2 million subscribers on YouTube yesterday! They don’t send me another sweet plaque till 10 million but I figured I’d make this post anyway. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and @tmillytv on this journey. Taking the leap from being a freelancer to growing a company has been challenging, but the rewards have greatly outweighed the struggles. Thank you to my team and to all the choreographers we have collaborated with in the past year that helped us double our YouTube following so quickly! Let’s keep building and inspiring the world with our art!
@galenhooks is a genius. @seanlew is a genius. I’m ok at filming dance. Go watch Galen’s take on #JetSong from #WestSideStory on my channel! #tmillytv #dance #filmingdance
Excited to announce that @TMillyTV got hired to produce a bunch of dance content for @pumaperformance @puma DEFY line - featuring @jojogomezxo @cachemelvin @jadebug98 - you’ll be seeing clips shot/directed by me of these 3 ladies killing it in Puma gear throughout the year 🙏🏻
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