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Meanwhile in BC 🇨🇦 @spencerseabrooke walks 210 feet across a line without a harness. Look at that drop! #timeoutsociety Filmed by @downtofilm
Fall in NH. Ouh my 🍂😍 Video by @michaelmatti #timeoutsociety
You better put this Mosque on your bucketlist whilst visiting St. Petersburg. Photo by @hobopeeba 🌈 #traveleroftheweek #timeoutsociety
"Laying low amongst the massive tree roots. Fun to imagine that under every tree there is a root system just like this one.." - Content by 📷@alexstrohl #timeoutsociety
"If you stop for a coffee break in the wild, these beautiful Siberian Jay’s will definitely come and check if you have any good snacks to offer!" Content by 📷@dansmoe #timeoutsociety
Meanwhile in China 🤙 That mood! Photo by @youknowcyc_
Canadian Rockies at its finest 🍁 Ouh my 😍 Photo by @glennleerobinson Tag someone who is ready to chase the fall colors!
The shape of a continent in New Hampshire 😍🍂 Watcha think? Photo by @ryanresatka #timeoutsociety
"Who knew there would be so much to do on a sand dune?! You can climb up for the most epic sunsets, speed around in dune buggies for adrenaline-pumping fun, slide down on a sandboard like a boss 🏂 or my personal favorite, roll down on the inside of a tire!" Content by @eyeofshe
"The Ancascocha trail was brutal for the first two days before we were forced to descend because of the weather. These mountains were like giants, appearing out of the dense cloud/blizzard every once and a while, and we’d realize how small we really were." Content by @emmett_sparling
Friday goals: Go for adventures and collect memories 🚣‍♂️🏕🍂🗻 #traveleroftheweek #timeoutsociety Photo by @fabiomluz
"The golden fog brushed into the beach bringing salty cold air that gripped to my skin. The journey of a wave ends when it dissipates violently into the sea stack, only to be followed by another. Roaring ocean and gulls sing the harmonious tune of the coast. It lasted a while, the view and the sounds. Long enough to fully embrace the setting and it’s magic." - 📷 by @michael.foushee
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