Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

The World’s Strongest Man 2018 Arnold Classic Champion 2018 4xEurope's Strongest Man 8xIceland's Strongest Man @thorspowergym DAY PASSES AVAILABLE🦍

1042lbs/473kg - Had to post this Legendary picture taken on @runarhrodi camera 📸 - @thorspowergym @thorspowerprogram
202kg/444lbs loglift 2 sets! Didn’t hit the first rep but second rep felt good! Did another set for one rep. I’m ready for the Arnold’s! Now I’m going to rest up and bring my best on the day!! It’s all about peaking at the right time!!! 💪 #TeamThor @australianstrengthcoach @larrywheels @sbdapparel @legionath @roguefitness @nuunhydration
Happy Valentine’s Day people! Who's your Valentine? Kelsey and I spent the day in complete relaxation!!!
HUGE PR 1042lbs/473kg DEADLIFT!! - @larrywheels @australianstrengthcoach @stanefferding @stefansolvi @andrireyr @oskarphaf @gretar91 @runarhrodi @kelc33 @kingc @tindurj @petur854 @eythormelsted @sigfusfossdal @theodormar @audunn96 @kristjanpall.arnason @thorspowerprogram - Best Hype Team Ever!! VIKING WARRIORS 💪🤯 - This is the heaviest Deadlift ever done on a Elephant Bar.
Some easy safety bar squats to maintain my strength in my legs while doing HEAVY deadlift every other week! This Wednesday I’m going to hit gym PR Deadlfit!! 💪 Who’s excited??
I’m one lucky guy! 😎 @kelc33 👸🏼
342kg/753lbs 3x3 easy deadlift. @larrywheels @jujimufu @black_tom_cruise @kingc @thorspowergym 🎥 @kelc33
Training at peak can take a toll on your immune system. I keep my immune health in check by popping a tab of Nuun Immunity after my high-intensity workouts. They help to reduce internal inflammation and help my system recover from the stress I put on my body. #nuunlife #stayhydrated #nuunhydration @nuunhydration
In the @GameOfThrones , you win or you die, @BudKnight. #SBLIII @BudLight
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