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My Monday face 😐
Here is a picture of me trying to make gains while running a business, trying to maintain a social life, finish my project car, possibly considering trying to reach a state of "ketosis" and remembering I need to get dog food on the way home. All the while being disqualified from driving in QLD 💁‍♂️ #adulting #gains #balance
Another day at the office. Dope suspension install done by my boy @donveski on this rs5 @gangstawrapsaus #audi #rs5 #audilovers
Smile more. Pearly whites from @gregdougalldental Pic @devereuxxo
All of the lights.... @gangstawrapsaus #audi #rangerover
I've been reminded a couple of times over the last 2 weeks how precious life is. Nearly loosing my cousin and having a close friends father pass. Sending love to both of you and anyone else going through similar. All of this can end at any moment take nothing for granted especially those you love.
There is a "Hell" in hello, "Over" in lover, "Good" in goodbye, and "lie" in believer, You decide what to read.... #throwback #makeup #skull @devereuxxo
We got each others back one hunid. I've never had a bond with anything in the world like I have with this dog. Dogs truly are mans best friend. #pitbullsofinstagram #amstaff #drizzy
Never judge a book by its cover....
A couple of months back this was all just an idea. It's so rewarding when you get to see something you pictured in mind transformed into reality. @gangstawrapsaus 2.0 coming soon. Pic @itschezwatts
Now my whole crew is loungin, Celebrate everyday no more public housin... #notouriousbig #biggiesmalls #gangstawraps
Fate is a strange son of a bitch. I'm glad it finally brought us together @flcsx
Drake dropping photo bombs.
Hanging out at my little sisters baby shower. Congrats guys @flcsx
What did everyone get up to over their long weekend? I worked right through this pic is just to elaborate with you guys 😂 #pitbullsofinstagram #americanstaffordshireterrier #bluepitbull #drizzy #drake #hotlinebling
Who else out there is a fan of the C63s? And how cool is it when your Tim's wrap the wrap 🤣 #amg #mercedesbenz #paintisdead
Use your time on this earth to empower and create. Dont waste your life being negative get yourself out of that rut you only get one shot. Use your days wisely. Start today 🙏👊
Whenever you find your self on the side of the majority it is time to stop and reflect..
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