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Who the f*ck is Alice? Illustrator LDN 🐒 For freelance inquiries email me or slide in my dms 💌💖✨ @pinkprotest ✨💖 You can buy my art here ⤵️

A thong was held up in court this week as evidence during a rape case trial in Ireland. Suggesting the complainant a 17 (!!!) year old girl was “open to meeting someone. You have to look at the way she was dressed. She was wearing a thong with a lace front.” #thisisnotconsent Don’t ever tell me we don’t need feminism. #ibelieveher
This guys already out here threatening the Democrats, it is definitely time for him to STFU. Gag, impeach, investigate, block, the end of Trump’s America is nigh . Don’t let this man pretend that the Democrats didn’t have a great victory last night. The landslide Republican results he claims, are tremendous BS. Womxn and most importantly WOC made history tonight, despite all the fuckeree and voter suppression. Trump you should be shook. 😌🍑 p.s White women, do better 🤦🏻‍♀️ #midterms #fucktrump #illustration #sketch
A REAL HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARE 😱 ‘Reading your drunk texts from the night before like....’ aka #tamaradelempicka ‘s Sainte Thérèse d'Avila , 1930 😈👻🎃📱💌🔮 #illustration
‘Sir’ Philip Green. Top man? Most definitely not. He is however another man at the top who has disgustingly abused his position of power, sexually and racially abusing members of staff. This man has a knighthood that he needs to be stripped of ASAP. Not to worry though cos he’s just said it was ‘all banter’. Sounds legit having to follow your banter by silencing people with million dollar payouts. Womxn cannot be silenced. Womxn don’t have to accept that your standard greeting is asking them if they were “naughty girls”, and if they “needed their bottoms slapped”. Creeping on womxn to make them jump in corridors. Telling womxn to diet. You cannot pay us off. This man clothes the majority of teenage girls in this country, he stole pensions, he made my dear friend @scarcurtis cry, he tore down our feminist don’t wear pink pop up. Well #timesup Green, we’re coming for you and we’re wearing pink 💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽 #feministsdontwearpink #pinknotgreen #philipgreen @pinkprotest
A BIG FUCK YOU to the new advice women need to stop wearing headphones to avoid getting attacked, victim blaming at its absolute finest. As well as me being addicted to listening to podcasts and misogynistic hip hop, headphones work as a great tool to ignore talking to men who try to get my attention or a way just to drown out all the unwanted things men say when walking down the street. Rather than a weakness headphones feel like a barrier and a form of protection. Funnily enough two of the times I’ve been physically assaulted I have indeed not been wearing headphones. Though obviously I was probably doing something else to entice attackers, like having breasts or breathing. Second slide is a piece I did in uni after researching items that have been made for women to deter attack’s or assaults 🙄 Glad to see we’ve come a long way in four years and are still putting the onus on women and how they can avoid being assaulted rather than teaching men not to attack us 🙄 #illustration #feminism
'Me when I think about my life for more than 30 seconds' aka Picasso's sobbing woman. Happy #worldmentalhealthday Shout out to all my anxious millennials 😭Anxiety is something that affects me regularly but I talk about rarely. Seeing as it’s #wmhd I thought it’s something worth shouting as depression and anxiety has surged to epidemic proportions in recent decades. Social media can make us feel like everyone around us is smashing life and doing bits but really we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Trust me when it may look like I was being the most ‘successful’ this year is when I’ve actually been the most anxious and feeling like an imposter. Don’t let the gram fool ya ❤️ #illustration #anxiety #picasso #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness
So I’m omw to @scarcurtis launch of her book @feminists don’t wear pink (and other lies) when fb reminds me it’s a year since I joined @pinkprotest and started creating art work for the incredible @freeperiods campaign by @amikageorge , highlighting period poverty and aiming to get girls on free school meals free sanitary wear . Jhz what a year it’s been. We threw a legitimate protest on Downing Street and in March, the government announced that, for the first time, it would allocate a portion of the funds from the period tax to an organization that seeks to help address period poverty. Feeling so thankful and proud of Scarlett and the work she does and what a treat for the world this book is. The past week has shown us they’re still a long way to go before gender parity. Can’t remember life without my @pinkprotest work wives now and feels amazing to be part of something that’s actually creating change @disgracecampbell and @honeykinny 💕✊🏼💕✊🏼💕✊🏼
This is what happens when you put a sexual abuser in the White House. The decision to appoint Kavanaugh has proved even if we believe women we just don’t really care. It’s hard not to feel despair rn. We standby Christine Blasey Ford. #fuckkavanaugh #believewomen #believesurvivors #illustration #handtype
1. ‘When girls get ready together and take a group pic' aka 'les demoiselles d'avignon' 1907, Picasso 💖🍾💄📸. 2. 'I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me' favourite quote by Maya Angelou. I’ve just re stocked both of these prints on my shop because they had sold out!! It’s insane to me I have sold over 200 of these. I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy inside that ppl would legit put my lil drawings up in their houses. BIG MASSIVE FANX to everyone who has shown me love this first year since quitting my day job and going freelance ✨💕✨💕✨ I’m going away and shutting up my shop till early October, so 50% off all prints with code ‘HALFOFF’ for the next 4 days. Link in bio ✨✨✨ #illustration #prints #feminist #picasso #mayaangelou
I spoke to @bbcstories about the shit show that is going on with @serenawilliams Rn and what it means to be an angry woman. 🌎🙅🏻‍♀️🌌🎾 I wanted to show Serena as the powerful and brilliant woman she is, with out of this world talent. I felt I wanted to give her the sort of imagery that she deserves, not the repugnant cartoon by Mark Knight. I celebrated her features and her strength rather than ridicule with the exaggerated RACIST tropes Knight went for. How we are even discussing whether this is both racist and sexist is beyond me, MISOGYNOIR IS REAL. Head to @bbcstories to read more about me being angry and proud 💁🏻‍♀️ #serenawilliams #illustration #adobestock
•As the year anniversary of the Weinstein accusations and #metoo nears it felt apt to repost this. Life in the #timesup era has definitely felt different and the reckoning of it all has been powerful. It’s definitely important to note that being able to speak out on these issues comes with a level of privilege, there are still so many womxn who hide in silence. There remains so much work and unlearning to do but I feel positive how far change has come in this past year. ••• ‘ME TOO. Me fucking 3, 4, 5 ... I can't even remember anymore. I applaud everyone relaying their accounts and stories, I don't want to share mine, there's too many and I just can't. We shouldn't of had to do this to show the magnitude but if this is what it takes then so be it’ #metoo #illustration #typography #handtype #timesup
#TakeAKnee on the right side of history 💅🏽✊🏼Kaepernick has shown integrity like I’ve never seen ‘Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything’ ❤️ To all those YT ppl burning their nike shit and cutting out their ticks... and we’re meant to be the snowflakes?? Donate your shit to people who need it you morons #soundsaboutwhite 🙄#istandwithkaepernick #taketheknee #illustration #blacklivesmatter #justdoit
Me remembering all the problematic songs I got down 2 @ Rowans last night. Reworked this piece and put a limited few prints up on my shop 💎💎💎 link in bio #illustration
ITS CARNIVAL TIME 🎉💃🏼 Oh the struggles of being a woman who loves problematic, sexist, sometimes misogynistic music 🙃 Now can this rain fuck off pls it’s v rude #illustration #badfeminist
#tb 'How I sleep at night knowing nobody cheating on me cos I’m single af' aka Picasso's woman sleeping aka #selfie 😴 Ft my fav #guerillagirls poster that I saw IRL in the Tate today 💕 #illustration #picasso
Felt to wheel this one up on #feministfriday as I blare Biggie in my garden 💅🏽 The sunshine’s got me feeling nice so it’s buy one get one free on prints all weekend, use code SUMMER241. Link in bio 💕 #badfeminist #illustration #typography #handtype
Never enough Frida 🌿🌷🌿 Re worked this quote of hers, couple limited print editions up on my shop, link in bio 💎#frida #illustration #fridakahlo
Chuck Taylor x Alice Skinner ❣️ Summer spesh illustration I did for @converse_style ✨🌺🍃🌊🌤 💎🍦 #converse #illustration
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