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Be a part of the Algorithm Nation. Our 107th Mainstage revue "Alogorithm Nation or, The Static Quo" opens December 6th!
We all need a Craig Taylor in our life.
thank u, next
In your parents’ driveway, mentally preparing for #Thanksgiving .
24 hours down and $45,000+ raised! Stay tuned for auction info to help us reach our goal of over $200,000! #SC24Hour
Live band karaoke with Nina Gordon of @verucasaltband #hatemyselfforlovingyou #sc24hour
Talking inside ⚾️ with the unfairly hilarious former @cubs pitcher #RyanDempster .
#SC24Hour is still going strong. Dan Bakkedahl & the whole gang is here til 5pm.
Story time with George Wendt! #sc24hour
❤️❤️❤️ Link to the livestream in our bio. ・・・ @lts24hour : The 24-hour crew is looking good! #sc24hour #letters2018
Do what Jack McBrayer says, not what he does. Come out to The Second City TOMORROW for #SC24Hour and help change some lives!
“Through comedy, you can be weird and be loved and express yourself, and you don’t have to be like everybody else.” - @juddapatow chatting this week with @ramisfilmschool students. (📷 @timothymschmidt )
Shout out to HRFS Advisory Board member @juddapatow for coming by this week! ・・・ I had a great time at the Harold Ramis Film School at Second City in Chicago speaking to the students. Thanks for having me and I look forward to seeing what you make!
👀 that brand new cast photo for our 107th Mainstage Revue!
Say hello to three of @nbcsnl ’s newest writers! Congratulations to @alisonagates , @AlanLinic and @elicoyote !
Surround yourself with incredible people. So happy we got be surrounded by Emmy winner Bill Hader. Congratulations! #Barry #Emmys ⁠ ⁠@hbo @secondcityhollywood
Emmy. Award. Winner. @chrisreddis. CONGRATS! - - - #Repost @chrisreddis : Damn. Grateful. Styled by: @corey_demon Emmy won by: ME! @wmjstephen , Eli and Kenan!!! @chancetherapper What up!!
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