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@troublecoffeeco havin’ a cup before class. Living fast... #bestcoffee #oceanbeachsf #therocksolidlife #wakingup
San Francisco in July. The fog comes on enormous lion paws, blankets my skin in fresh, dewy freedom, and the ability to see even farther...
The fool on the hill, sees the sun going down, and the eyes in his head, see the world spinning ‘round. #oceanbeach #greathighway #outerrichmond #therocksolidlife #landsend
7:30 am, this happened. And it was rollin’! #openwaterswimming #theoceanismychurch #therocksolidlife
This is how we do it. No better way to start the day. #openwaterswimming #theoceanismychurch #earlymormingjump #roughandchoppy
The people of Bali are devout, dutiful and kind. Harvest goodness in this life, reap the same in the next. #streetsofubud #hinduism #alliswell
Ganesha, god of new beginnings, let me venture forth and start again. God of wisdom, let me seek truth from deep within. Provider of prosperity, I am grateful for your generosity. Remover of obstacles, let me dance freely into my sweet future. #ganesha #templesofbali #prayer #walkingubud
Yes! I took off, stepped out, tripped out, jumped from my life, jumped on a plane & into the tropical waters of Indonesia & SE Asia, jumped off a cliff with a leap of faith to end all leaps – or to begin all bounds of belief. A leap of faith is so romantic! A hallmark card outlook that you will find anywhere and everywhere.  I generally passionately subscribe to this buzz. Just JUMP! No reward without risk. So, deathly afraid of heights, I committed myself to leap, undertaking an allegory of conquering my fears. And I got hurt. The blunt force of hitting the water from the height of a 4-story building dislocated my tailbone. I was able to get treated. Massage, manipulation & after the adjustment, a scream that surely turned many a curious ear from afar. Flocks of parrots fled from trees. Dogs howled. A village went silent. Having cracked myself at my root, my base, I realized I was unsure of what I was jumping for, or into, or from. I hesitated. I let fear confuse my commitment. It took me 20 minutes, after all, & I jumped more for fear of not overcoming my fear, than with a complete & unflappable commitment to the jump. Even a shred of doubt is enough to kill effectiveness, to silence success. Sure, I was not sufficiently trained in technique, nor properly learned in hazard, but more, I was not connected to my self, my source, my direction. But I did it. And despite the lingering pain, I am grateful that I leapt, for the lesson, for the examination, a deeper understanding… and the story. So a bit more cautious, more grounded, more connected, I talked to God. I made friends with a heartier, wiser part of my self. And I gave my spirit space to spread, expand, & rest without responsibility. I gave myself permission to break down walls, dispel myths, slay dragons. Experience a thing I’ve dreamed of. See the something I’m made of. Have love, be love. I stuck my suitcase in storage, grabbing from it a handful of my roughest ware, bought a backpack & travelled. With more rock solid ground beneath my feet, heeding how much air allowed under. Grounded. And reveling in the value of being utterly groundless. #leapoffaith #slaydragons #travelbali #jump #growtaller
The children of Bali love to practice their English on English speakers. “Hallooo… How are yooo?” they ask, and giggle, laughing each other’s accent, poking at each other’s boldness. “What is yorr name?” They are quick and industrious, and they love to play. These kiddos on Nusa Lembongan liked my reading glasses, of which I had several pair, so we all wore them and made funny faces ‘til the sun went down. #funnyfaces #childrenofbali #nusalembongan #readingglasses
Sinking in, and settling on sand, I feel the salt on my skin. I feel my smile stretching from the inside. It’s in my toes and my bones. Explosive with sunshine. And teeth. #balibeach #journaling #saltwaterheals #surfbali
Bali is a surfer’s paradise. I don’t surf. But I am a disciple of the ocean. The ocean is my church. Diving deep into devotion at the sun’s first light. The sun’s last light. Great Mother, Dear Father. Swaddled in salt and sand. A solitary sweetness. Bluegraywild. Wonderfullywonderful. Restored. Forgiven. On the other side of the planet, fearlessly forsaken. Here are my new friends, Shannon and Alex, riding at last light. And my new friend, Micha, with his camera. And Father sun, moving west, dropping toward my old friends. My family. The rock solid earth I walk on. The certain waves I ride. #surfbali #journeytoself #friendsforever #oceanworship #ridewaves
Only by two wheels or two feet does one cross the sea to Cenigan. Seems apt to start this journey walking, over water, one foot in front of the other, in front of the other, carrying my own pack. A bridge of yellow to gold. #acrossthesea #yellowbridge #carryyourownweight #journeytoself
Jacob has swept the lanai and turned on the music. The wanderers have awakened (slowly) and the bugs have gone to sleep. I look over the water, watching the surf. Pen to paper, I write, surfing my own restless wave. Ketut feeds the alter’s incense, fanning the flames of a fresh day. Reminding me to be mindful and breathe deeply the sweetness of life. It is mine for the taking. #balijournal #bali #journaling #wakingup #lifeispoerty #balineseoffering
Nusa Cenigan, Bali. Morning one. 04:53 am. A perfect time to rise. I sit here after after night one on the porch of this teeny tiny bungalow. Dark wood, with cracks in the walls, sticky glued slats. The ocean roars, restless, beyond the lushness of the yucca, the banyan and the palms. Crickets and bugs unnamed and unknown finish their nightsong while the roosters start their day. Crying and cawing, each answering another, “Is it time yet? Is it time?” Geckos rest in the eaves overhead, asleep in bamboo and teak and straw. Something else calls, “aaahooo, aaahooo, aaahoo…” I imagine in a few days’ time, I will know what it is. I face the first empty page... #bali #adventureawaits #journaling #penandpaper #wanderlust #traveltobali #nusaceningan
Hurry! Jump before the son goes down! #oceanswim #therocksolidlife #ilovemyfriends
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