Stan Lee

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#Repost @todd_mcfarlane_official ・・・ ... PROOF POSITIVE that my recent visit with @therealstanlee was the complete highlight of his day!!!! More photos later this week. TODD #stanlee #stan #goat #legend #joy #happiness #marveluniverse #marvel #cameo #spiderman #spawn
Did you know that Stan is a proud left hander? He certainly is, but this vintage Spidey doodle from the @ahcwyo 's #StanLeePapers could prove that he's actually ambidextrous! (Speaking of Spider-Man's birth in 1962, that was 56 years ago this very month!) #LeftHandersDay #Marvel #Spiderman
Stan replies to another one of your comments! Here’s the message: “You know you told a story I heard once about how you would add slightly advanced terminology in a comic, so that maybe the kid who read it had to go and look it up to see what it meant, I am one of those children, thank you Stan Lee.” #comics
Happy #BookLoversDay ! What’s your favorite title? (This is another gem from the #StanLeePapers at @ahcwyo ). #tbt #marvel
Dorothy’s superpower is unveiled today! Any guesses as to what it is? You’ll have to read Chapter 8 of STAN LEE’S WORK FORCE to find out! Link in bio. #stanleesworkforce
So it's #InternationalCatDay ? These two are clearly stoked. (#WayBackWednesday to Comikaze 2015.)
How does inspiration strike you? See how resident staff writer Portal and artist Angel of Justice come up with ideas in Chapter 7 of STAN LEE’S WORK FORCE! Link in bio. #stanleesworkforce
Did you know that Stan Lee has an archive AND it’s open to the public? The American Heritage Center’s #StanLeePapers house plenty of treasures, and we'll regularly share some awesome items unearthed, so keep an eye out! What’s your most prized Stan or comic-related possession?
Stan shares some words of wisdom and encouragement with an aspiring artist. Hit play below to hear what he has to say! #DearStan
Setting up a new computer is anything but normal at the office. And add in the first crisis of the day? STAN LEE’S WORK FORCE is anything but tranquil! Link in bio for Chapter 6. #stanleesworkforce
Stan didn't create Captain America - that was Joe Simon and Jack Kirby - but he was the first person to have the character throw his shield, an action he penned in a text story in Captain America Comics #3 , dated May 1941. (The following issue featured Cap hurling his famous patriotic disc in the art for the first time.) Coincidentally, this tale marked Stan's comicbook writing debut. What an auspicious start! Artwork by @jonkellygreen. #waybackwednesday
Have you ever been told “Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out!” your first day on the job? Then you’ll understand how Dorothy feels in Chapter 5 of STAN LEE'S WORK FORCE! Link in bio. #stanleesworkforce
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