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Loading... had the chance to attend the premiere of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse earlier this month, which featured some heartfelt tributes to Stan Lee. Here are some behind the scenes snapshots from the event that we thought fans would like to see.
The outpouring of love for Stan online has been extraordinary. As a thank you, we have a special video of Stan to share, along with our promise to continue celebrating Stan’s work and memory on his social media accounts for fans to enjoy now and forever. Please click the link in the bio to watch the video and read the message.
We’ve been posting Stan tributes on all week - click the link in our bio to read through them. Today we shared tales from POW!’s Chief Staff Writer, Steve Voccola, which includes a story about the scooter Stan’s riding in this photo.
Over the next week, we will be sharing personal tributes to Stan Lee written by his colleagues and friends, starting with Stan’s longtime Chief Executive Assistant and Editor of The Amazing Spider-Man newspaper strip, Mike Kelly. Click the link in the bio to read the tributes; new pieces will be added daily. Art by @jeffvictorart.
#Repost @redsonjaofficial ・・・ A poignant moment with @therealstanlee reflecting on his values from an interview by #lukelieberman (Red Sonja and Co-Creator of Stan’s new Audible book) shot on the day they met 18 years ago. We will miss him! @audible @foundrymedia @ryansilbert
#Repost @robliefeld ・・・ My favorite pic of Me and Stan, Cincinnati, Sept. 2016. His wit was the sharpest of anyone I ever encountered. I told him “I love you, Stan” he immediately responded “Of course you do, you have good taste!” as they snapped the pic. Love you, Stan. #stanlee #marvel
On this Thanksgiving, we would like to express our gratitude to the fans, friends, and colleagues who have shown their support of Stan. Like you, we miss him dearly, but we are thankful that Stan’s legacy will live on and influence generations to come.
#Repost @johnlee_art ・・・ Growing up I filled my life with all the characters that this man created for us. I can't count how many times I would sit at the wall during recess with my friends drawing SpiderMan and X-Men. He is the main reason why I love comics and why I love to draw and tell stories. We will miss you dearly. Excelsior! #ripstanlee
#Repost @mingna_wen ・・・ Never have I met a man whose charm and dynamic personality lit up not just the room, but everyone’s spirit the way Stan Lee did. I am heartbroken to hear of his passing. Thank you for all the bear hugs, the wonderful kind words, your beautiful smile and the happiness you gave to so many for countless generations. You greeted everyone with robust enthusiasm, but also, made each person feel special. Your imagination and legacy lives on in all us @Marvel fans. I will miss you dearly, Generalissmo. This is truly a sad sad day. 💔💔💔😢😢😢#legend #icon #genius #unicorn @therealstanlee #stanlee #excelsior
Please click the link in the bio to read an open letter to Bill Maher from Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment.
#Repost @billsienkiewiczart ・・・ Stan Lee — Rest In Peace #excelsior #stanlee #ripstanlee
#Repost @jimlee ・・・ Stan Lee gave so much to so many, but to me, a shy, awkward kid—growing up as an immigrant in a strange, new world—Stan Lee gave me the greatest gift of all. He gave me a place to escape into—an endless, imaginative playground filled with the most amazing, fantastic and uncanny heroes ever. And through these characters, Stan Lee gave me my childhood and showed me the value of being different. To embrace heroism and to shun prejudice. That it was cool to want to be the good guy and that there was a price for not standing up for the downtrodden, the oppressed, the little guy. And in these life lessons—whether learned on the streets of Brooklyn or in the antimatter depths of the Negative Zone—he taught me the true measure of a person was not defined by their powers but by the strength of their virtues and their commitment to truth, justice and tolerance. Even til recently, Stan was still out on the comic con circuit, tirelessly showing all of us how it’s done. Most importantly, he reminded us that the most epic stories can be told with the simplest of tools and that our dreams and ideas are the keys to creating a better future. “Face front, True Believers!” was one of Stan Lee’s classic proclamations. In today’s times, we could all heed the optimism and faith his words inspire. #RIPStanLee #facefronttruebelievers #truebelievers #stanthemanlee #stanlee
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