The Equinox Fashion

Gailゲーオ 🔥Branding, Creative, Marketing Consultant 👊Self-empowerment 🎓CU(BA)🇹🇭/MMU(MA)🇬🇧 📸@foodforgirlfriend 🦊LINE: pwrt21(work) 📍BKK/Tokyo

I've decided to pause my IG from now. Been doing lots of things, and i've gradually lost track of myself. I need a time to figure out about life and work balance, before I can re-focus on my passion. I wanna take a further step in my career which i've a self-doubt how far will I go. Or things are gonna get any better? I've been running in this journey for so long and i'm exhausted. I'll be back one day :) Thank you for every support and love #thequinoxfashion
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