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Diabetic Scottish photographer & nerd. I lift heavy things, shoot photos and drink coffee 👍 Tag me if you share my shots 📸

Edinburgh's Royal Mile has so many Closes and Wynds that you can discover new ones after walking it 100 times. Here's a pretty one I legitimately don't know the name of and can't find on street-view 😆 Any help appreciated!
Edinburghs' Barclay Viewforth Church of Scotland has always made me think of the Unseen University from the Discworld novels/shows/games. It has a cool looming spire and gentle wist of magic in the setting sun 🔮
Fire! It's coming up for Hallowee, Samhuinn, Bonfire Night and other traditional festivals, so here's some fire ahead of time 🔥 A performer in front of Edinburgh's Balmoral Hotel and Princes Street Gardens
Little moments are shared and lost all over the city, all over the world every day. Sunshine ahead from under the gloomy rail tunnel at the bottom of Abbey Road in #Edinburgh  ☀️
A muscly gentleman practising behind the crowds before a performance on Edinburgh's Royal Mile
I have fallen a little bit in love with this city 😍
Sunset in the city- sun flare over the rooftops on Victoria Street, #Edinburgh  ☀️ An older photo and one of the most beautiful streets in Edinburgh, but also one of the hardest to shoot without constant bustle and clutter of people and cars 😩
TV Spaceman Lady on the highstreet. Just another day in #Edinburgh  😄
The other side of the Fleshmarket Close, an artery into the heart of the city
A gentleman I definitely have no association with walking through Edinburghs' arches along the Cowgate
Heading home.. A couple blokes heading for the evening train station down Edinburgh's Fleshmarket Close
Street performers practising on the high street before a gig
Lost in Summer thought- The bottom of Edinburgh's Royal Mile on a bright summers day ☀️
Reading in the Shade- A girl reading at lunchtime under the statue of Charles II. Erected in 1685, this is the oldest statue in Edinburgh and likely the oldest Equestrian (horsie) statue in Britain 🐴
These guys were handing out flyers for a show on the high street during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They had a vaguely 50s showbiz vibe so I took a shot to keep with the theme I've no idea if there show was any good but they looked great
With summer coming to an end I thought I'd go the other way and post an early summer shot, an uncurled fern. This guy reminds me of the movie Predator for some reason 🌱
Glowing woodlands in the evening- a few miles from home on a misty night ☔️
The woodland floof 🌲
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