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How gorgeous is this heart prop image?? This prop just keeps on getting better and better! Beautiful capture by @junkyardstudiophotography more hearts coming in January! #theoriginalphotoblocksprops
This rainbow backdrop is just incredible!!!! Grab yours before they will sell out! 🌈 #theoriginalphotoblocksprops stunning capture of rainbow twins by @little_love_photography
All those gorgeous textures!! Mixing velvet and aged cotton is my newest obsession #theoriginalphotoblocksprops
Hopefully you love following our IG as much as we love having you here! ☺️ We really hope you see our passion and love for original and unique props in our work. We also hope our posts inspire you and push you to be even better at what you do. Oh, and please don’t forget to check/follow those amazing artists I always tag in images! 💫#theoriginalphotoblocksprops #newbornphotography #somuchart look at all that beautiful art created with our props and posing beans ❤️
Oh, did you know we now have UNI beans that are matching our Mother Bean colors? 🌈 #theoriginalphotoblocksprops
The greenery, natural basket and raw burlap layer from our shop. The image is by @twigandolive #theoriginalphotoblocksprops
Perfect potato sack pose with use of our posing bean. It’s what makes them nice and round. Capture by @marshapizarrophotography #theoriginalphotoblocksprops
How creative is this image? Absolutely stunning use of the heart prop by @taylorjanephotography and that little smile 😊 #theoriginalphotoblocksprops
This image represents dreams and hopes of many. Rainbow baby 🌈 our watercolor backdrop in use by @mariannelise
velvet backdrop,pillow and hat. 💕 coming in a few other colors soon
Not trying to be pushy or dramatic but this Natural Basket may be SOLD OUT soon 🤭I was able to order the last 20 baskets from the supplier. They MAY BE back next year. not sure yet. ♥️ #theoriginalphotoblocksprops xoxo
By far my favorite fabric I found for headbands! Also made into adult size headband and a scrunchie !! ♥️ #theoriginalphotoblocksprops
I love every single image with this basket in use 😍 burlap layer under from our shop too. Gorgeous work from @bbphotography_uk #theoriginalphotoblocksprops
Just adore this image with the watercolor backdrop from our shop #theoriginalphotoblocksprops
That Maya bed 😍 we only have a few left! Image courtesy @nikkicrinitiphotography #theoriginalphotoblocksprops
That baby on our watercolor backdrop is just too gorgeous!! #theoriginalphotoblocksprops stunning work by @normafayakphotography
Today I was mixing and matching our props together and I came up with few awesome set ups ☺️ only one of each available in the shop. ( link in bio )#theoriginalphotoblocksprops
For the love of awake babies 👶🏻 ( another green set up! 🌿) our plaid hat in use @mkslowinskiphotography #theoriginalphotoblocksprops
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