The Iron Asylum Gym

24/7 Warehouse style gym. 2400 Castleton Commerce Way, VB, 23456. (757) 689-4207

In the words of the Terminator. She'll be baaaaack! (Bigger and Better too!) #Repost @drsdotcox09 • • • • •
From @wtftraining Last week to sign up everyone. Don’t wait and be that person. 3 things- (1) weight on keg for ladies will most likely drop and (2) also weights for chains and sandbags will be posted this week. Lastly, for everyone that hasn’t seen it, I am reposting the weights and info. Lots of goodies on the line from all our sponsors. Register asap! @strongerthaniron next Saturday!
#saturdayshenanigans Training should be fun sometimes right? Anthony benching on the frame?!
#Repost @aegis_fitness • • • • • In the sport of strongman, it takes a little bit of technique, a bit more practice, and a ton of blood and guts to accomplish any given lift or event. Unlike a 220# barbell, a #mouserblock doesn't like to be picked up and pressed overhead. It will fight you every minute from the moment you pick it up from the floor like a kicking, screaming child that doesn't want to leave the park just yet. So it's up to you to steel your reserve, commit to the task at hand and make it your bitch, or it will come back down ready to ruin everything in its way. @wtftraining @endurance_storiez @mouserstrength @paul_mouser @theironasylum @thenutritioncorners #aegisfit #aegisfitness #strong #strongmantraining #strongman #mouserpower #commit #dontgiveup #justkeeppressing #noquit #steel #resolve #blockbuster #bloodandguts #theironasylum #thenutritioncorners #kickingandscreaming #challenge #mentaltoughness #grateful #believe #conceive #achieve #conceivebelieveachieve
2 weeks out. Registration closes soon, so stop bs'ing!
You guys have spoken, so we're bringing it back. You have exactly 30 days to lean out! 😂 If you guys were around 2 yrs ago, you know how fun it was, plus the shots came out epic. Done at the gym. Kids and couples are allowed (register separately). Register asap as it will sell out. Link on our site (in bio).
Oh man, do we have some news for you guys ... think we'll go live with the news at 8pm tonight, so tune in!
Don't let us catch you curling these in the squat rack either. Indicated by the red tape, bars are larger than the traditional power bar, made for heavy squats. Let's gooooo!
#TRUTH #Repost @cayladanae • • • • • The time isn’t tomorrow, next week or next month. The time to put in work and make change is now ▪️ ▪️ “Tomorrow (noun): a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.” ________ @555fitness @theironasylum #555fitness #PutInTheWork #DoItForYou #MakeChangeHappen #BeFearless #BeStrong #BePowerful #AllBlackEverything
3.5x BW pulls are always fun. #Repost @gnuy7 • • • • • 660lbs/300kg x 1 Will I pull 700lbs next weekend? Find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z. @caleb_viau @davidblackstock_ @mikeyswells @kingofthelifts @deadliftdawgs @powerliftingmotivation @deadlifttillimdead
The strongman class made it a beach day today...I'm thinking we need more of them?! #Repost @sezperez • • • • • When strong people unite .. #strongisbeautiful #fitnessjourney #fitness #strongwoman #gymfamily #smiles #summer2018 #virginiabeach @theironasylum @wtftraining @jessicasaysarrgh
#Repost @wtftraining • • • • • Beach day Strongman will commence at 1000 a.m. at Little Island at Sandbridge. If you don’t want to get wet/dirty don’t show up. Oh yeah don’t forget donuts!!! And whatever beverages you feel like drinking after—-ps food too lol. #earnthatdonut
🔥 #Repost @sarahlyday • • • • • When your home gym has become home, and gym is life, for long enough; freshen up, and hold onto it. Hold onto the things that help you grow the most! Just keep lifting, just keep lifting... 🐟😝🤙🏼 @theironasylum #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #bestgymintheworld #ironasylum #gymlife #fitlife #fitfam #goals #ambition #weightlifting #justlift
New toys? Who can guess what these are?
Drop any questions you may have below! We've got some good ones from the other day's post, but have room for a couple more. You've got 2 very highly educated and experienced coaches/trainers/professionals on deck!
Today's group finisher, done at actual speed. 5 Rds 10 Thrusters 15 sit ups Then team race to 80 cals on the Airdyne. Losing team owed 20 burpees. #Repost @abgeezy • • • • • Killah morning with the #dadbodsquad / #0530crew @pmanal @ag1ap1tan @stephendohomes
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