Brittany Sinclair

100% Natural Body Care Products Handmade in Fargo

What would your pirate name be?
You may not hear from me for awhile! Don't worry, they aren't all mine. ðŸĪŠðŸ‘â™Ĩïļ
Dropped the kids off... now to tend to my flower beds.
Did you miss us today because of the rain 🌧ïļ? We will be back downtown Saturday 10-2 at the Red River Market.ðŸĨ° You can also go to: 👓 🛒
I have a friend going to Colorado to get peaches (he picks them). We are about 30 boxes short of making it worth while. Let me know if you'd like a box or 5. 😁 I need to know ASAP. He will be coming through the first week of September. $25 each box (1/2 bushel) Great for freezing...Smoothies, pie, cobblers, jams...
With tomorrow's forecast of HOT, we will not be bringing anything that can melt (lip balms, Brittany, scrubs, etc). We will have lots of soap! See you tomorrow! 😁
Wake up early with us tomorrow morning starting at 5:05am. Abby Furchner from Valley News Live will be making soap and bath bombs with us. KYLY (NBC) and KXJB (CBS).
New at @redrivermarket this Saturday
We are set up at the Red River Market today.
Just a little rain at the Street Fair 😜
Lavender Lemongrass... One of my favorites! What's your favorite?
Same name, NEW color!
Curse you popcorn ceiling!!! ðŸ˜Ą
16 days!! Starts July 14th 10-2
I love finding little things like this when I'm working!
Loaves of Shave Soap
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