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Excited to show you my brand new Nike commercial. Thanks, @SerenaWilliams. Thanks, @Nike. (You can send my payment at your earliest convenience. I also accept shoes...size 8.)
Thank you for being here, Dave.
Dumbo premieres March 29th! They better not have cut my scene.
My new segment “tWitch can dance, (DOT, DOT, DOT) with the Host of Spain’s Game of Games, Sylvia!” (Working Title)
David @Letterman and my EP @tvsmaryconnelly almost went to jail together.
I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment. Tomorrow, for the first time, David @Letterman is on my show.
Whatever medicine they give wisdom teeth patients should come with a camera.
It took some nudging, but @CoryBooker made a firm statement about his possible running mate.
@iammarkronson had some secrets to share backstage that you can watch exclusively on @Spotify. Link in bio
I may have convinced @CoryBooker to marry Rosario Dawson in the White House.
Tomorrow, @CoryBooker tells me about the type of leader he wants to be.
They may not know how to say “Hello,” but they’re about to learn how I say goodbye. A new episode of #GameofGames is on tonight at 8/7c on NBC.
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