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Which old Flash villain would you like to see return in the future??
Vibe needs a new suit 😭😭
Which couple is better??
Deaths, deaths and more deaths...
Barry has come full circle in terms of a mentor 😭😭
Did Barry’s persona of the Chemist remind anyone else of Savitar?¿
Are you enjoying Sherloque Wells this season??
Barry and Snart or Barry and Ralph??
Someone get @damionpoitier an Oscar 👏🏻👏🏻
Killer Frost as a hero or villain?
Wish we actually got the real Reverse-Flash last episode 🙄
This episode better be as good as they’re hyping it up to be 🤞🏻
Not gonna lie, I jumped outta my chair when they name-dropped the Red Death 😱😱😱 - Black Death art by @bosslogic
Which cowl looks better??
Thawne > Zoom. Agree or disagree?
Have you been enjoying Killer Frost this season? ❄️
For those YJ viewers, which Flash suit looks better??
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