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Photographing my way through earth 🌏 Cuban 🇨🇺 Let’s collab ♥️ Travel addict ✈️ #RebelBrainiacs 🤟🏻 #TheFutureIsFemale 🔥 💌

Never apologize for being a powerful fucking woman 🔥
Florida heat 🔥
This is the recipe of life said my mother as she held me in her arms as I wept think of those flowers you plant in the garden each year they will teach you that people too must wilt fall root rise in order to bloom
Para ti lo infinito o nada; lo inmortal o esta muda tristeza que no comprenderás … La tristeza sin nombre de no tener que dar a quien lleva en la frente algo de eternidad...
Si me quieres, quiéreme entera, no por zonas de luz o sombra… Si me quieres, quiéreme negra y blanca, Y gris, verde, y rubia, y morena… Quiéreme día, quiéreme noche… ¡Y madrugada en la ventana abierta!… Si me quieres, no me recortes: ¡Quiéreme toda… O no me quieras
Now it’s not the time to be quiet or make room for you when we had no room at all now it’s our time to be mouthy get as loud as we need to be heard . . . . . . #canonrebelt6i #canonusa #canonphotography #tampaphotographer #photoblog #cubanphotographer #canon750d #lightroom #cubanblogger #portraitphotography #artofportrait #vscoportrait #photographyig #rebelbrainiacs
My body is an ocean. It's all curves and wave and swirls and caves, my body is an ocean. My body bring commotion to the motion of the air. It splashes and flop and tips and tops. My body is calm. It's unbothered and not dove into. My body is an attraction. An ocean view from far beyond. My body is ocean. It's clear blue bring sunny sky and what knows who.
Let your creative self drive your days
Paint me a rainbow 🌈
Milk of the poppy
Let the shadows shape you
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