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Nurse Emma 💕 ➕S M O O T H ➕ 🌟It's not magic - it's injectables🌟 ➕Like all lines, the forehead lines are a result of our expression over a prolonged period of time but they are also contributed to by sun damage ➕This is something I am seeing more of, particularly in younger clients, who when we start chatting, inevitably tell me they have spent much of their childhood at the beach and surfing ➕Although not a good enough reason to stop enjoying the beauty in our backyard, it is another fabulous reason to slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat! ➕This photo has not been altered in anyway #nofilter ➕Individual results may vary. It is essential to only receive this treatment from specialised injectors after a thorough consultation ➕Photos published with the written and verbal consent of the clients . . @loveyourfaceinjectables #loveyourfaceinjectables #emma_prendergast_cosmetic_rn #slipslopslap #sundamage #sundamaged #antiaging #antiwrinkle #aginggracefully #beauty #injectablesonpoint #nurse #cosmeticinjectablesgoldcoast #cosmeticinjections #cosmetics #cosmetic
Get 50% off our laser packages for a limited time.. Go into the holiday season with one less worry... - Payment Plans Available - Zippay Available - Christmas Vouchers Available To book reach out to us or call the clinic directly for an appointment or consultation
➕V O L U M E ➕by Emma ,RN 💕 This gorgeous client wanted a lip augmentation 💋➕0.9ml of dermal filler was used throughout the border for definition and overall volume , lifting the top lip , defining the cupid's bow and the soft pillows of the lower lip 💋 a gorgeous look for a gorgeous girl ➕Photos are only published with the client's written and verbal consent . . . . . #loveyourfaceinjectables #cosmeticinjectables #cosmeticinjector #lipfillers #cosmeticnurse #lips
Anti-wrinkle Package only $399. Refresh yourself and get incredible results with our "Refresh & Renew" will leave with a lifted, but natural yet noticeable result. Just $399 for 3 areas - Payment Plans Available - Zippay Available - Christmas Vouchers Available Contact us now to book an appointment or schedule a consultation.. Call 1300 COS HUB
3D Brows, Micro blading + Shading. .⠀ Visit any of our 3 stores for all your advanced cosmetic needs : .⠀ ⠀ Nundah⠀ Cleveland⠀ Paddington ⠀ ⠀ Cosmetic Injectables, Advances Peels, Pigmentation removal, Hair Removal, Skin Needling, Microdermabrasion, Henna Brows, Signature Lash Lift 🙌🏻⠀ .⠀ Hit CALL IN BIO 💋 1300 COSHUB⠀ ⠀ #skinneedling #microdermabrasion #cosmetictattooart #dermaltreatments #injectablesbrisbane #laserhairremovalbrisbane #skintreatments #skinisin #modernsalon #thecosmetichub #thecosmeticcollective #skinisin
The festive season is here, which means one thing... Get ready to primp, pluck and pucker up for all those Christmas Parties✨ ✨ it's worth starting your beauty prep as soon as possible, especially if you want to look your best! A few beauty tricks can do wonders for your skin during a hectic festive period spent party-hopping, and drinking a few too many bubblies ✨ Get your Anti Wrinkle ASAP! As we all know it takes a few days to kick in..... 💉 Prep your skin with a Deluxe Microdermabrasion, a mechanical exfoliation is a great way to smooth out your skin for optimal makeup application 💋 Stay Hydrated - slap on your B5 serum, we dehydrate our skin over Christmas by replacing water with Alcohol 😏 Use Satori Baked Foundation with a wet kabuki for a Airbrushed look, and full coverage. You skin will thank you for it 🙌🏻 Most importantly, have a fab time and let your hair down! Happy festive Season, 💕 Cos Hub!
➕SHAPE➕ Such a beautiful shape for a beautiful lady ➕Here 1ml of premium filler was used to redefine the lip border, accentuate her beautiful Cupid’s bow and plump the lower lip pillows for that all important pout👌🏼💋❤️ ➕This photo was taken immediately post procedure and has not been altered in anyway🙅🏼‍♀️ ➕Remember to always see an injector you trust who will include a thorough consultation and who listens to what is important to you ➕Thank you for trusting me again and for letting me share your photo💋 . . . #emma_prendergast_cosmetic_rn #theskincentre #dermatology #dermatologist #dermatologynurse #lips #lipfillersaustralia #lipfillers #lipfiller #lipfillersaustralia #lipfiller #beauty #cosmeticinjections #cosmeticinjector #cosmeticinjector #rn #registerednurse #fillers #filler
Luscious lips is every woman's secret Christmas wish. Get instantly fuller, sexier lips in time for the Holidays, Book now at any of our Boutique clinics. 1ml of filler for $389 💕 Call 1300 COSHUB, ZipPay* available!
Healed 3D Brows after 1 session, minor adjustments were done at today’s appointment. Our Clients desired outcome was to achieve a well defined brow with little maintenance and correcting asymmetry in her natural shape. Artist, Bell at our Paddington Clinic 💕
BEST-SELLER Hydr8 B5; our covetable cult-classic. The crystal-clear moisturising serum sinks effortlessly into the complexion to infuse your skin with overflowing hydration. Uber-giftable in a super-sleek white tower, Hydr8 B5 is what we are all wishing for in our Christmas stockings this year... - MULTI-WEIGHT HYALURONIC ACID A large sugar molecule which occurs naturally in the skin to plump it out, hyaluronic acid is key to a full and healthy complexion. Incredibly, it has the capacity to hold 1,000x its own weight in water by drawing water molecules to itself like a magnet. We use multiple different weights of hyaluronic acid in Hydr8 B5 to ensure that every single skin layer gets some hydration love. The smaller sizes are able to penetrate deep into the skin and draw hydration up from the lower layers. Importantly we do not use very small sizes like other multi-weight brands which can send the wrong biosignals. Larger sizes are too big to get into the skin’s network, but sit on top of the complexion acting as a hydration reservoir to continuously feed the upper layers of the skin with water. - VITAMIN B FOR ME The silky-smooth serum is enriched with vitamin B5 to improve the skin’s water retention and regeneration. Also known as panthenol, vitamin B5 works in synergy with hyaluronic acid to leave the complexion plump and noticeably hydrated. - SUPERCHARGED SKINCARE Hyaluronic acid has a unique ability to supercharge your skincare routine, by enhancing the power of every product you layer on top. The water-magnet molecule will lock onto moisture from the creams you apply after it, drawing water deeper into the skin to replenish hydration supplies for healthy and supple skin. This enhances the skin’s natural barrier, so it doesn’t lose water as quickly throughout the day. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The ultimate must-have in your skincare collection for intensely hydrated skin. Why do you love Hydr8 B5? . . . . . #Medik8 #BeautifulSkinForLife #hyaluronicacid #dryskin #antiageing #facialserum #multiweight #hydrationserum #SkinHydration #Cosmeceutical #vitaminb5
Feather Touch Brows, using our Micro-blading technique, lasts 6-12 months before a colour boost is recommended, heavily discounted rates for colour boosts ! Visit any of our 3 stores for all your advanced cosmetic needs : .⠀ ⠀ Nundah⠀ Cleveland⠀ Paddington ⠀ ⠀ Cosmetic Injectables, Advances Peels, Pigmentation removal, Hair Removal, Skin Needling, Microdermabrasion, Henna Brows, Signature Lash Lift 🙌🏻⠀ .⠀ Hit CALL IN BIO 💋 1300 COSHUB⠀ ⠀ #skinneedling #microdermabrasion #cosmetictattooart #dermaltreatments #injectablesbrisbane #laserhairremovalbrisbane #skintreatments #skinisin #modernsalon #thecosmetichub #thecosmeticcollective #skinisin
🦌Holly has only a few appointments left this year so get in quick lovers 🎅🏻..... ZipPay is available for all your cosmetic Tattooing and Injectable needs “Yep the secrets out, we’re now offering ZIPPAY on injectables.........Need gift ideas? Gift Certificates are a fabulous idea for the friends and fam! What gal wouldn’t want perfect BROWS for Chrissy 🙌🏻💕🎄
Healed 3D Brows after 1 session | Artist Bell | Paddington 1300 COS HUB. for bookings and course information with Bell 📧
Don’t miss the Latrobe terrace Christmas Party!!! Come visit us in store: 🌟Goodies 🌟Mini Makeovers 🌟Face Painting for the kiddies 🌟Medki8 Gift pack ideas 🌟Satôri specials (buy 2 get the 3rd FREE) 💗 Go into the draw to win some UH-MAZING prizes. Visit us at 21 Latrobe terrace Paddington
Feather Touch Brows | Artist Bell | for bookings and course info hit link in bio or call 1300COSHUB (we have 1 spot left in January for our Beginners Art of Brow Course) New year, New career 🙌🏻
🎄Latrobe Christmas Party 🎄 Friday at our Paddington Clinic from 5pm-8pm. 🌟We have 3 incredible prizes to win! 🌟 . 1st Prize ~ Feather Touch Brows with Bell 2nd Prize ~ Deluxe Microdermabrasion 3rd Prize ~ Satôri Minerals Makeover. To enter this competition we have a raffle with 50% of the funds donated to the Kids With Cancer Foundation. Need Makeup? Purchase any Satôri Minerals on the night and receive the 3rd FREE. Need gifts? Medik8 Christmas Packs from $49 Come along to 21 Latrobe terrace, Paddington
Holly working these 3D Brows. Secure your appointment before Christmas call 1300 COS HUB today! X
Looking for the best in Skin Needling and LED therapy in Brisbane? Look no further. Take advantage of our Summer Offer today and pay just $149 for Skin Needling including LED Therapy! Book today! ⠀ ⠀ #skinneedling #LEDtherapy #skinneedlingbrisbane #ledtherapybrisbane #microdermabrasion #cosmetictattooart #dermaltreatments #injectablesbrisbane #laserhairremovalbrisbane #skintreatments #modernsalon #thecosmetichub #thecosmeticcollective #skinisin
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