The Chainsmokers

From the East side of America @drewtaggart @alexpall

WHAT YOU WAIT FOR!!! 🐋 @thatoneblondkid
@nyjah can’t be stopped! congrats (again) to this guy ☝🏻
I am the Sick Boy 🇲🇽 @thatoneblondkid
Bi-Lingual @thatoneblondkid
SOUTH AMERICA 🚨 LOVE @thatoneblondkid
Our NEW @dailynewsproject Strange Adventures collaboration just dropped! It’s a very limited run! AVAILABLE NOW! (Link in highlights)
We all got expectations, and sometimes they go wrong, but no one listens to me so I put it in this song!
Felt damn good to be back in Atlanta! @q100atlanta much love! Coming back soon! @danilolewis
The boys go to Atlanta once haha.. follow our boys @icebox thank yall for the hook up!! (dont worry Mom, i didn’t buy both these chains)
s a v e y o u r s e l f
This Feeling music video coming soon!! You guys excited??
Made it on Mean Tweets 🤦🏻‍♂️
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