The Chainsmokers

From the East side of America @drewtaggart @alexpall

We never take for granted how lucky we are to travel around the world and experience the things we do. We are constantly reminded in every place we travel to, in every corner of the world, through every person we meet, how special this life we get to live is and we are so grateful to share these memories with you and full our lives with so much joy! This video is TOP 3 for us so make sure you watch the entire thing!! (Especially the end) 🎞 @thatoneblondkid
Label: did you finish the song yet? Us:
WHO DO YOU LOVE @jimmyfallon
First time performing with these boys tonight 🤯🔥! Unlike @5sos who have been on the show like 100 times it’s only our second time so we are pretty nervous and we get to play beer music chairs with @fallontonight so TUNE IN 📺 what an amazing life we get to live! See you later!
@fallontonight won’t see this coming tomorrow! @5sos @calumhood
Bet you didn’t see that coming... @martingarrix
It’s hard to beat people who never give up @thatoneblondkid
Don’t worry guys.. we influenced hard af on this trip, despite this judgmental penguin staring at us
Come to South Africa they said 🙌🏻 hehe thank you Cape Town and Johannesburg holy moly!@danilolewis @ultrasouthafrica
Look, we know the mannequin challenge is far over but the penguins wanted to do it so 🤷🏻‍♂️
And that’s the last time we apply each other’s sun tan lotion
i can’t believe we got a penguin territory beef on camera
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