Vedic Inspired Perfume Oils.

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• ‘A State or Grace’ by Sergio Larrain, 1957
• Create a vibration of love. All orders now sent express postage (except sample orders) from now until Christmas!
• Endless possibilities, via @maphishus
• Give the gift of scent this Xmas; all orders are sent express shipping (except sample orders) so you still have time to shop.
• Spaces to breathe, via @nahidmd Image: David Gomez Maestre
• Scent is a powerful supplement to a larger story, capturing moods and memories and defining life’s moments; the soft smoked blanket of incense, the heady scent of night blooming jasmine, warm honey with flowers lit by golden sun or a fresh wooded clearing lightly balanced with delicate florals.
• Glowing cow under the glowing Sembar tree, by @jethro_buck
• Bedside necessities, via @kat__connelly
• Wide open spaces, via @mazect
• Salty skin and summer afternoons, our mini size perfume oils feature an easy roller ball applicator so they travel easily with you.
• A moment above the clouds, by @shainblumphotography
• This must be the place
• A rose is a rose is a rose. Deeply soothing, cooling and hydrating, our rose facial mist features hand picked roses from the flower fields of Kannauj, where they are steam distilled to extract the most beautiful of rose scents.
• Remember: above the clouds the sun is always shining. Via the inimitable @camillamengstrom
• Dream in the forest, Ata Kando, via @tillyhazenberg
• An ode to new discoveries on the road; our travel size minis are the perfect travel partner this holiday season. Available in each of our 8 scents and ready for shipping now.
• Stay open always. Image via @sophiepinet
• Dreaming of a tropical oasis
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