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• High vibrations - our perfume oils are blended in deeply nourishing jojoba and wheatgerm oils that act as natural fixatives and help to retain the scent over a longer period of time. A few drops onto your pulse points is all that you need for the scent to awaken.
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@ellelouise_burguez staying hydrated with our steam distilled facial mist
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• Queen of the night- considered a natural aphrodisiac, jasmine flowers have long been revered in Ayurveda for their fragrance to please the heart. Blooming during the night when their scent is most intoxicating, the petals are picked early at dawn and used in scents that positively effect the nervous system, bringing a sense of calm, optimism and uplifting. If you love jasmine try our Rumi or Souq scents, both helping to balance a kapha and Pitta dosha.
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• Inner dimensions - we’ve been working away on some new magic, launching soon.
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• Precious golden elixir
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• Chasing the sun. Warm days call for bright, floral scents. Vala is the delicate, sweet scent of the sacred Bakula flower, that blooms at night with its deep, rich honey aroma. Proclaimed to be a gift from the heavenly realms, this ethereal white floral is lightly balanced with the soft, musky qualities of ambrette seed. These notes are endowed with Ayurvedic attributes that are uplifting, revitalizing and grounding, while radiating a peaceful atmosphere.
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