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A work of art by Marlene Martin. This is mung bean tortillas with avocado filling! Learn to make delicious green foods and more (even when you are new to cooking) when you join our #greenteam on our online cleanse program I’m running now called #the40daygreencleanse ! Eat simple or make works of art- your choice! Last day to join us January 15th! use this link in profile #yvehart #iamlight #innerguru #plantbased
Our online community program starts January 9th, 2019!! 40 days of eating clean, green, and lean!Imagine how you will feel? What will you look like after 40 days? What new and long lasting habits will you develop? 40 days may transform your life. Just say YES to our amazing and supportive online program. Join us, you won’t regret it. To read more go to the website and read all about it. Link in profile. ✨✨And don’t forget to use the special coupon code on this flyer! #the40daygreencleanse #cleanse #onlineprogram
DRINK It UP!~ Wanna know what one of the best things is that you can do after you wake up to start your day: Gulp down at least 16oz  of water. After a long night of “fasting” while you sleep, your body rests and repairs itself for the big day ahead. Having a glass of water upon waking up fires up your metabolism, promotes hematopoiesis (the production of new blood), hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins, fuels your brain, and even make you eat less. Keep in mind- you should drink your 1-5 glasses of water before you drink or eat anything else. Our body is 72% water, and our bodies become dehydrated during sleep. Drinking a big glass of water first thing in the morning is a great way to rehydrate, and to tackle anything from the moment you wake up. __________________________________________________________________ Go to to learn more about enrollment for our next cleanse beginning Jan th. _____________________________________________________________ #the40daygreencleanse #innerG #onlineprogram #greenliving
When the adults eat their veggies the littles usually always follow. Be a model for good health and watch everyone around you start to upgrade their eating habits as well. Our program starts January 9th. ✨✨✨ #the40daygreencleanse #green #cleanse
MEET THE SACHA INCHI SEED~ Say hello to one of my favorite #Superfoods on #The40DayGreenCleanse - The Sacha Inchi Seed, aka The Inca Nut! While relatively new to the US masses, the Sacha Inchi seed has been cultivated in the Amazon rainforest in Peru for over the last 3,000 years! Nutty and robust in flavor when lightly toasted, the Sacha Inchi Seed is quite the nutrient powerhouse! High in vitamins E, A, fiber, AND Omega’s 3,6, AND 9, the Sacha Inchi Seed is the perfect dietary addition for anyone trying to lose weight, concerned about getting enough non-animal protein, and just overall well-being! 🌱 ______________________________________________ Visit our site to learn more about The 40 Day Green Cleanse. #LinkInProfile . ______________________________________________ #the40daygreencleanse #cleanse #onlineprogram
Keeping myself fit and healthy inspires more energy to make a wish and manifest my dreams- and I have a lot of them:). 🌱 Feeling good and looking good also aid in my daily production and self confidence. I'm a mother, wife, healer, artist, and business owner so energy is high up on my list of importance. Living the green life is just part of me now and yet I look forward to cleansing every year 1-3x depending on what my body needs and wants. I ALWAYS learn something NEW when my intention matches my focused efforts! Join our #GreenTeam and feel the support from our group and my Live Facebook videos + more! You will have FUN while cleansing! 🌱🌱🌱Super Pre-Sale ends on 4/20 for the May 2nd cleanse! 👆👆👆 #greenforlife #the40daygreencleanse #greenliving #cleanse
This Cashew Mylk is my all time favorite mylk of all time! I choose nut mylks over dairy milk hands down for the flavor and super special benefits- especially cashew mylk. And, I love that cashew mylk is one of the few nut mylks that you do not have to soak overnight or filter through a nut bag. All nuts and seeds contain beneficial fats, B vitamins and magnesium for a healthy mood, but cashews are one of the few actually linked to reducing stress, anxiety and warding off even mild depression. The minute I included Cashew Mylk into my life I felt a boost in my mood and brain clarity! I use Cashew Mylk in a variety of ways with less or more water depending on what I am using it in for; cream, sauce, soups. Read about the benefits and how to make this delicious milk substitute! Link in bio #the40daygreencleanse #yvehart #greencleanse
Jesus won't mind that I'm cleansing today! Soup before an Easter party is a brilliant idea so that I don't fall into temptation. 💚Pass the Asparagus Soup 💚 AND celebrate YOUR health YOUR way. #the40daygreencleanse #yvehart #greenfood
One of the benefits of this cleanse is incorporating new foods and eating habits. I feel so abundant when my pantry is organized and stocked with healthy choices for snacks, salads, soups, and shakes. 💚🌿💚 #the40daygreencleanse #cleanse #green #yvehart
PASSION FRUIT: Did you know a cup of passion fruit with the pulp and seeds intact contains 24.5 grams of fiber, the equivalent of more than 4 cups of bran cereal, and more than 5 grams of protein. Without the seeds and pulp, the fiber content drops to .5 grams per cup and the amount of protein drops below 1 gram. Level 4 on our program is a great place to start for beginning cleansers or for those who just want a maintenance plan after the cleanse is over. Our next cleanse starts in the Spring! Sign up for notifications. 💚 #the40daygreencleanse #cleanse #yvehart
MY DAILY DOSE: Dandelion Root!! It is frequently used by herbalists to treat sluggish liver, kidney, and gallbladder problems and to build up the immune system. Dandelion Root has been used in China for certain kinds of cancers for centuries with much success. It is incredibly high in potassium, calcium, fiber, and and Vitamin A. I drink the roots up in a powder form each day- it's my youth tonic! #yvehart #iamlight #highvibefood
VEGAN SPAGHETTI: In season spaghetti squash topped with a sauce of cherry tomatoes, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, onions, sliced and topped with Brazil nut cheese and basil leaves. So delicious to be eating in season. #level4 #the40daygreencleanse #yvehart
I give thanks EVERYDAY of my life for the Creator to point me in the direction that was and is BEST for my personal health and healing. Plant based foods and occasional cleansing with plant based foods are contributors the highest quality of life I've had so far. Knowing what I know now- I would probably have lived crippled life in a wheelchair with the treatments and suggestions doctors suggested for a virus they never detected accurately. Thank goodness I told my doctors "NO" on medicine (for life) for a misdiagnosed illness at 19 years old. I said to that doctor, "I got this". Remember that plant based foods are medicine for the body- cancer doesn't seem to like them either. 😉 #innerg #yvehart #the40daygreencleanse
Sometimes it's ok to shut everything down, lie down, and rest. You will be a better person for it. Flathead, Montana. #selflove #yvehart #embodimentcoach
How do you get your kids to eat more greens? Have them help out at the juice bar :). Apple, orange, celery juice. Sign up above to get your free mini e-book and invited to join our next program starting in a few months. #the40daygreencleanse #juiceforlove #yvehart
Mung Bean and Spinach Soup with a kick of ginger. This recipe is available when you join #the40daygreencleanse ! I have been incorporating the new inspired energy from our #juiceforlove cleanse that just ended last month and keeping up with the juice, broths, soups, and cashew nut milk as part of my daily routine. My husband is so delighted about our new changes and high energy. #yvehart #greenfood #the40daygreencleanse
Feel it ✨ Sense it ✨ Love it ✨ Just be a witness! The body is so wise and has an abundance of information­ just waiting for us to tap into. The more we come back home to the body­ the more we know exactly what we need. The perfect foods, healing methods, and when it is time to rest and say YES, NO and GO. We can sometimes get confused between what the BODY NEEDS and what the MIND WANTS. #onlineprogram #the40daygreencleanse #yvehart
BRING IN THE GRATITUDE: I am grateful for all the love that surrounds me everyday. I am grateful for the amazing community members in my city. I am grateful for attracting the perfect situations in my life at the perfect time. I am grateful to know that every time there is a set back in my life it is an opportunity for growth. I am grateful for the expansion of my heart- the beauty is overwhelming at times. I am grateful for my teachers no matter how painful the lesson may have been. I am grateful for my family and friends who support me regardless of how much time has passed. I am grateful for being able to accept my body- no matter how rocky the road has been that I have traveled with my own self esteem. I am grateful for me. I am grateful for you. I am grateful! What are you grateful for? #yvehart #gratitude #the40daygreencleanse
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