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I've finally found a deodorant that I LOVE! @dove recently launched their new Dove Dry Serum Antiperspirant and it's a sheer ultra lightweight formula that dries instantly -- best feeling ever! I hate the feeling of wet/sticky deodorant, this does NOT leave you feeling gross. I'm obsessed with the scents, my favorite one is the rose silk, it's not too strong, but it makes you smell like actual roses -- obsessed with this 10/10 recommend! #dovepartner #FeelItBelieveIt
Twirling my way to every aesthetically pleasing spot in California 😬 who’s with me? I’m taking a little road trip this week with my girl @itsanahitaa , any guesses on where we’re going? So excited for all the content we’re gonna create 🎨 PS linked this outfit for ya #liketkit
Look at my new shoes 😬 how I feel every time I wear the new @adidas UltraBOOST 19 found at @finishlinewomen ! You guys...these feel like you’re putting your feet on a cloud ☁️ I don’t want to take them off! Not only are they comfy, but they are so cute & hello they come in this nude color (Chalk White/Pale Nude/Core Black colorway), so you know I had to have them! I’ve linked them for you, along with a bunch of other of my adidas favorites over at #liketkit follow me in the app to shop this look! #LTKstyletip @finishline #sponsored
Minimal vibes ✨ wearing my Sofía Jeans by Sofía Vergara found at Walmart! I love that this new line is all about body positivity & confidence — now that’s a message I can support 🙌🏼 not to mention the affordable price point! I linked this outfit on #liketkit make sure to follow me in the app to shop this look! #sponsored @walmart #walmartfashion #sofiajeans
All smiles for sunshine & all the pretty flowers 🌻 I actually met the owner of this cute little house, she came out to check her mail while we were shooting and asked if we were okay because I was sitting on the ground 😭 she was the cutest little old lady I’ve ever met!
Trend alert!! Puffy sleeves are everything right now, and I’m into it 🙌🏼 what do you guys think about this trend? Into it or nah?
Put your head down, stay in your own lane, and you will grow like a wildflower, in places no one thought possible 🌾 SIDE NOTE: I’ve gotten a few messages asking if I’m trampling the flowers, and I understand how from this angle, it may look like I’m stepping on the poppies, but we were actually following a path in the middle of these two fields, so no poppies were harmed. I’m also holding poppies that were already on the floor and had been picked (I did not actually pick them). Thank you for your concern, I promise I always have respect for nature and my surroundings while shooting content💕
Always got coffee on my mind ☕️ what’s your go-to latte? Mine is a vanilla latte or a London fog! Thanks to @shorebreakresort for having me!
Missed the sand & sun 🌞
Want the real tea? Putting away my other jewelry because @alliciantejewels has created a new gold standard ✨✨ a line of 14K gold jewels, that you can get wet without worrying about them tarnishing 🙌🏼 #thenewgoldstandard #thetowelseries
Had a little staycation with my love today, it feels amazing to get away and create content together. I freaking love my job 💕
I thrive off of adventures and exploring ✨ what’s your fav place in the world? So far mine has been Bora Bora, but I suspect Bali will take the cake once I get there! @pacsun #psgirls
I need a change so decided I’m getting another tattoo! I’m obsessed with dainty tattoos, I have a few already and love every single one! I know what I want, but let me know what you guys think I should get😬
True story: I can’t keep cacti alive 🌵worst plant mama ever ☠️
Happy Women’s Day to you all! On this day and everyday, treat each other with respect, support one another, EMPOWER each other. Women have gone through so much in history, for us to be where we are today, and we are STILL facing obstacles such as gender inequality, we don’t need to tear each other down. Remember this: there’s room for all of us to grow, bringing another down, won’t bring you up. #internationalwomensday
Moment of truth: I try to do it all. I have so many ideas brewing in my head all the time. New business ventures, creative ideas, new travel plans, etc. SO MANY IDEAS, SO LITTLE TIME😩 I’ve learned the importance of priorities! Think about your long term goals and take the steps necessary to get there, vs thinking about the short term. PS outfit is linked for ya over at #liketkit #LTKstyletip search me in the app to find all of my outfits!
Thank you rain for all the pretty flowers blooming! We’re about to have the most beautiful spring 🌼 @pacsun #psgirls #sponsored
Find friends that’ll go to 3 different grocery stores to find you sunflowers at 1 am because you need it as a prop 🌻 shoutout to my girl @itsanahitaa for her vision behind this shoot — my girl is talented 🙌🏼
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