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Swinging into 2019 be like... . . Happy New Year! Let love and light radiate brighter more than ever. ✨
I've always loved visiting temples or churches wherever I go. It refreshes me of the ability of humans to believe and have faith--keep to it. The diversity of it all amazes me. Especially how each and everyone of our souls (or the lack of it for some) is strengthened by a principle that transcends beyond all futile things we try so much to make sense of.
Oftentimes, we scroll through the stunning photos on this platform and drool over the amazingly perfect life that all these people have. Who's to blame? They are in paradise of blue ocean swimming with luxury while here we are, stuck in our respective desks, eyes glued to the numbers and reports waiting to be finished. - I say bullshit. This is reality. It is crap. It sucks to be stuck working a 9-5, but it is what it is. It's cliché, but I'll say it again and again. Not everything you see here is what it really is. There's more to these awestrucking photos. - I don't have a perfect life. Just like you, I wake up at 8AM and drag my sorry self to work. I feel sad, whenever I think of missing people. I feel pain, whenever I realize that there are tons of moments I couldn't take back anymore. I feel happy, whenever I am back in the arms of my love--the ocean. - But let me say this, there's more to all of it. Everyday, I choose to be happy. I hope that we will all be able to, someday somehow, curate our lives according to the sunshine that we prefer to be surrounded with--because we all deserve to.
Breathtaking Nusa Penida!! ✨ - - Had to endure a 40-minute rough road ride for this. My insides are misplaced from the “lubak-lubak” (as our driver called it), but my eyes were feasting even under the scorching heat of the sun!
We had to wake up at 3AM so we can try to catch the sunrise view. We were late, but I guess it’s alright after all. - Also, did we really have to get here just to see that this is a camera trick?? Is it an ongoing Balinese secret? 😂
It’ll feel strange—to finally realize that your happiness only depends on yourself and wholeheartedly accept it. - It’ll feel strange because this time, you’ll mean it. ✨
I’m off to another adventure next week and here I am, stuck in such a huge pile of clothes, not knowing where and when to start packing. - Every time I leave for a getaway, I always ponder on how amazing my life is because I get to do all these things. I have a job that pays not only my and my family’s bills, it also lets me enjoy de-stressing vacations such as this. And I am always in awe and gratitude. - Every so often we come to a halt to be thankful because of grand happenings in our lives, but how often do we stop for the minute ones? The fact that we are breathing. Right. At. This. Moment. It’s such a minute detail that we tend to overlook its importance. - And while I get to sort out all my stuff, I hope I’ll be able to sort out my thoughts too. Same as the clothes on my bed right now, this train of thought? ....messy - Nonetheless, let the universe know that I am thankful, for everything that I am able to enjoy right now. Time. Money. Freedom. - I bet this is just Bali jitters. I’ll get over this.
In the silence, make a stand and be firm about it. If there is one good thing that we can do with the influence, it is to inspire others. Because if we don’t, then all of it doesn’t matter.
Balabac is quiet, but it deserves the attention. ❤️
It’s always a choice—happiness. . . . It’s Day 3 here in Balabac and signal is scarce, but the stories to tell aren’t! Can’t wait to get back and start sharing. 😊
Chill summer days aren’t over. Clouds won’t stop us. 🤣 . . We arrived early that morning in Liwliwa, but we opted to rest. Afternoon came, but the waves weren’t surfing-friendly so we decided to surf the next morning. It was one of the most chill trips that I have been to. We just sat there, beer and chicharon in our hands. That was enough, we were content. 💙
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Sea creature found her bliss underwater. 💙
I learned that in this day and age, happiness can never be overrated. Stay sunny and shining. ✨
What a rough day! . We rode endless habal-habal rides because of a broken down tricycle from uphill roads and missed van/bus rides to Davao. . We’re currently on a bus en route to Davao, finally! . . But when you look at that, doesn’t all the hassle of long travels and heavy backpacks (not to mention fins) make it worth it? ❤️
Pujada Island, you are amazing. ✨
Now, this is the Santa that I like. 😍
Those who love you aren't fooled by mistakes you've made, or by dark images you hold about yourself. They remember your beauty when you feel ugly, your wholeness when you are broken, your innocence when you feel guilty, and your purpose when you're confused. —Alan Cohen
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