Tessa Thompson


Thank You @ccxpoficial for letting me show you a little exclusive look at #MIBInternational . My partner in intergalactic crime fighting @chrishemsworth was there in spirit! I’m still floating from your incredible energy Brazil. Honesty, I was so blown away by your love. @sonypictures @meninblack
#FBF to me & @chrishemsworth (the ‘Fred’ to my ‘Ginger’) saving the universe, YES, even with sand in our shoes. Also, it was casual Friday for the galaxy defenders— that’s why we lost the jackets— which was handy because it was the Sahara. 🕴🏾🕴🏻#MIBInternational @meninblack
GREEN IS THE COLOR OF THE HEART CHAKRA. Here are some images that make mine full. (Descriptions: 1. @michaelbjordan helping with braid n’ train 2. Sketch prep that @babskymakeup did for our look 3. calm before 4. Team photo with @waymanandmicah , Lacy & Alex & @nailedbysg 5. @niafromthecoast and us in masks at 5 am after the night. & the last. Dancing with @lacyredway ‘s braid & wearing a @npnathanielpaul stunner suit.
Annie Y’all
🔋 Lovely to be back in the UK. In @maisonvalentino couture (and the rain) for the European Premiere of @creedmovie. Styling: @waymanandmicah Makeup: @babskymakeup Hair: @lacyredway
thank you to all the folks that went to see our movie this weekend. (Moment of joy captured in Irwin and Margo Winkler’s floor to ceiling green bathroom by @nicoledisson )
thankful for this
be serene in it
Green Is The New Black. Aye. The first photo is from the premiere of the first @creedmovie and then years later— the second. Out in two days. 🐸
He knows.
security detail for the goat. < look left >
When you are on @jimmykimmellive on his BIRTHDAY and you forget to ask the audience sing to him. 🤦🏾‍♀️But at least you brought the gift of fashion in the form of @christopherjohnrogers , k. • HBD @jimmykimmel Watch TONIGHT on #ABC
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