Maskal Teff

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We thought some of our fields 🌾 this year looked so pretty, we wanted to make a video to show them off, and hopefully give people an idea about how Teff is used. Hope you like it! Shout out to @idahostudio for the great video!
A little autumn 🍂 donut recipe for you! Amanda @heartbeetkitchen has come up with these amazing pumpkin 🎃 spice donuts just in time for October. Apparently they go well with your pumpkin spiced latte if that’s your thing 😉 Recipe on our recipe page Teffco.com
Teff panicles 🌾 from some of this year’s crop. Photo courtesy of @edgarraw
Ethiopian teff bowl with berbere roasted veggies 🌶 recipe from Sylvia @feastingathome Those of you who are new to Ethiopian food might not be familiar with berbere, the Ethiopian spice mix that is almost as important as teff! Berbere is a mix of many different spices and is red in color. You’ll find it in lots of different Ethiopian ‘wot’ or stews. Hope you enjoy the new spin on an old spice!
A couple of weeks ago a recipe developer and photographer who we’ve been working with for the last year came up to visit us in Idaho. We discovered Edgar @edgarraw on instagram and loved his work, so we reached out to see if he wanted to develop some teff recipes for us. We have really enjoyed working with Edgar over the past year and seeing all the beautiful, creative, and healthy recipes he has come up with! It was great finally meeting Edgar face-to-face and taking him around to see some of the farms and capture some really lovely pictures of teff. Hope you enjoy the photos!
Another lovely teff recipe from @_sappho_ ✨This one is a teff chai porridge including extra photogenic fig!
We’ve been playing around with what to do with teff flakes...and @_sappho_ has come up with these lovely cherry almond granola bars using the flakes! 🍒🍫
Yummo Indian spiced vegetable and teff fritters from @_sappho_ 💫🙀🌯Happy fourth everybody 🎆☄️💥
Another amazing Teff recipe by @edgarraw 💓! Cranberry pistachio teff scones. Check out the recipe on our recipe page
Let the games begin!
Lunchtime injera 🌾
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