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The Flash, Friends ect. Tom Cavanagh, has my entire heart💞. •Leader of #wellsgrp Groups: Wellsgrp| 하루하루grp| Slayingspeedgrp | Reversedgrp

I want him to come back to me, for Christmas🤧❤️. - Dt- in tagged, but mostly for @captxincavanagh , cause she’s gonna kill me if I don’t post this tonight😂❤️. - Sc- @/theflash.logoless Ac-? Cc-?
I miss him with everything😭💞. - Dt- in tagged Sc- @/theflash.logoless Cc- me Ac- the Audio is mine
Daddy’s Back🤪🤤!! - Dt- in tagged+everyone who’s loves this baddie! Sc- me:) Cc- me
This cast owns my entire heart🤧💞. -100 episodes🥳!! Oh my lord... words can not even explain how happy I am, I’ve never been so happy!🥰 I feels like just yesterday when I turned on my Television and fell in love with such an amazing show and cast. Without this show, I would’ve never met some of the most amazing and caring people I know, now. This show has taught not only me, but hundreds of thousands of people how to be strong, caring, loving, and grateful. I’m so thankful for everyone I’ve through this amazing show! Tonight we celebrate the 100th episode of @cwtheflash 🥳!!
Boyfriends😍! - This is trash I’m sorry:(! - Ac idk Program- ae Cc- idk
I would literally die for all of them, not trying to be dramatic😩💞. - I use this audio so damn much; but it’s so worth it🥰! - My monthly reversedgrp edit;)❤️. - Dt- wellsgrp, And people tagged. Program- ae
WEAR HEADPHONES FOR A COOL EFFECT!! COMMENT IF YOU HEAR THE EFFECT!❤️ - Dt- everyone tagged Ac- 8D Tunes, YouTube. Program- ae
(SPOILERS FOR SEASON 5!!) The Ice Queen is back!🤤 - Dt- anyone who loves this baddie! Sc- me &’ @/killarfrost Ac- idk Program- ae
I’m so thankful for this babe, he’s the loml😭💞. - Dt- everyone tagged❤️+wellsgrp🥰. Ac- idk Cc-idk Vc- @theflash_brazilzil Program- ae
meant for each other💍. - Dt- everyone tagged+everyone who ships them;)💞. Song- One Last time, by Ariana Grande. Program- ae - Hate on them, and you’ll get blocked. - This is also a s(crap)
My belated birthday Collab!❤️ - Part-1 @editssbysage Part-2 @gustdols Part-3 @r.versx Part-4 @teamxwells (me) Part-5 @captxincavanagh Part-6 @back_to_barrex Part-7 @laughjustina Part-8 @multixmutants - Follow all these talented people!❤️ thank you for joining as well:)! - I will host more collabs in the future!💞
Happy birthday to me!!❤️ that’s me, I guess...🤷🏻‍♀️. 5 fun facts about me; 1. I’m turned 14 today 2. I have a twin brother. 3. My full name is Alexandria! 4. I’m Mexican-American 5. Im short😂. Thank you all for celebrating this day with me, love you all!❤️ - Dt- myself!!❤️ Cc- idk Ac- me Program- ae cc 18
for @editssbysage , happy birthday! Have an amazing day!!❤️ &’ In honor of these amazing people celebrating their 100th episode, here is a little something I made❤️. - Dt- to all the flash fandom!❤️ Ac- @/plotwistaudios Cc- idk Program- CCP
It’s been a minute since I last edited them🤤. - Sorry, for the Quality, also I’m trying something new! The transitions are smoother😍. - Dt- everyone tagged. Cc- idk Ac- ? Program- Ae cc 18
Thank you... for everything❤️. May you Rest In Peace, thank you for creating stories and characters, that made a huge impact in my life, and many others. - Cc- idk Ac- mine Program- VS AND CCP
FLASH WARNING!!! Mr.Saxobeat🤤. - Yup, I’m back on CCP & VS. I hope I get back on ae quickly!❤️ but for now, enjoy this! - Dt- everyone tagged. Grp- #wellsgrp Ac- ? Cc-? Program- CCP&VS
Welcome to the Wellsgrp! @r.versx @nygmoid.aep @multixallen @soulless.frost @s.ediit Congratulations to the winners! - Thank you everyone who tried out! We will have another rct soon!
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