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I use After effects. Tom Cavanagh, has my entire heart💞. •Leader of #wellsgrp Groups: #wellsgrp #killerxgrp

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His smile, is everything🤤🤤. I’ve had a bad couple of days, but his smile makes it so much better😍. I hope his smiles helps someone else as well😍. - Dt- myself, @captxincavanagh , and everyone who loves this baby😍. Ac- ? CC- mine Pc- @daddycavanaghpics Program- ae cc18
FLASH WARNING!!! A sexy baddie🤤🤤. - Hate on her and you’ll get blocked;) - Dt- @candicepatton @spookybarrysiris Ac-? Cc- none Program- Ae
The true queen👅! - DONT TAKE THIS SERIOUS! I LOVE BOTH OF THEM SO MUCH, THIS IS A JOKE! - Dt- @shanedawson Ac- idk Cc- idk Program- AE 18
He owns me🤷🏻‍♀️💞. - He owns me so damn much, I can’t even tell you guys. I love this softie🤩. - Dt- myself😽🤩. Ac- mine Cc- idk Program- After Effects Show: friends.
We lost him too soon, this baby is so soft😩. I cried so many times while editing this😭😭. - Dt- @captxincavanagh 💞💞. Ac- ? Cc- beechyvids Program- After effects 18
My bigger lane🤩. - Don’t get me wrong, I love Candice and Danielle so much! But I just love Tom&Grant more🤷🏻‍♀️. - Dt- @reversestark @a.metrine @wells.mp4 @wells.kings @captxincavanagh Ac- ? Cc- beechyvids Program- After Effects CC 18’.
Dehoe, move out the way so the hot daddy can come through🤤🤤. - This is ugly, but he’s not;). - Dt- @captxincavanagh @wells.mp4 Ac- ? Cc- beechyvids. Program- AE 18
We don’t deserve them, at all🤤. - I’m back editing on AE!;)❤️. - Dt- @gustdols @captxincavanagh Ac- idk Cc-minee Program- After effects cc 18
I’m so proud of this soft baby, for everything he has accomplished😩❤️. - This is a scrap🤷🏻‍♀️, all I had to post. - Dt- @captxincavanagh @reversestark Ac- ? Cc- beechyvids Program- CCP
Thank you so much for 300 followers! I love each and every one of you!❤️ here’s a little giveaway! - Coloring pack- for VS AND CCP! Exclusive Photos of Tom Cavanagh! Harry wells Scenes Reverse-flash scenes. - Rules; I’LL BE CHECKING! •Must be following me. •Tag 3-4 editors who might be interested. •Put On your story •finally, follow @teamxwellsga . Please be patient! - If all goes well, I might do more CC PACKS, and MORE SCENES OF THE FLASH ANY CHARACTER!
Happy birthday to this softie😭❤️. - Dt- @dpanabaker Ac- mee Cc- beechyvids Program- CCP
4 of the many, many reasons to watch The Flash😩🤤. - I asked who to edit, between, Barry, Caitlin, and reverse-flash. And I couldn’t here’s the gift for you all who voted❤️. - Ac- idk Cc- beechyvids Dt- wellsgrp Program- CCP
Damn, okay daddy🤤. - Dt- anyone who loves this hot babe💞. Ac- idk Cc- @/beechyvids Program- CCP
The real baddie🤩. - Did y’all really think imma edit a hoe? Nope, not today, dehoe🤷🏻‍♀️. - Dt- @captxincavanagh because I just love her😌❤️. Ac- tbh idk Cc- @/beechyvids Program- CCP
A soft cutie💞. - Cisco Ramon everyone😩💞. - Dt- anyone who loves this softie❤️. Ac- idk Cc- @/yoncefx Program- CCP
Dating Tom Cavanagh😩❤️. - Okay, so I tried to create an edit of what I would be like if you were dating @cavanaghtom . It sucks i know. But it took so long to edit. But yeahhh❤️. - Dt- @cavanaghtom @captxincavanagh @wells.mp4 @wells.kings @a.metrine - Ac-idk Cc-@/beechyvids Program- CCP
The greatest villain on The Flash. - Dt- @wells.kings Ac-idk Cc- @::beechyvids Program- CCP
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