Just a girl trying to do make up and be normal. Twitter: tay_babes_ ....ya know Incase you don’t get enough of me here.

This picture will forever be named the armpit picture. ————————————— #jamescharlespalette on the eyes stay tuned for a purple look cause those purples are beautiful Blush which I never use but decided to load on today is #anastasiabeverlyhills nectarine #jeffreestar soft serve and thirst trap on the lips, literally such a comfortable formula and it doesn’t flake off. I ate a wrap, biscotti and chugged a coffee and bit my boyfriend on the thigh before taking this picture and it looks as good as when I first put it on.
I let my boyfriend choose my pictures cause most of the time I end up hating all of them, however I do love this make up so I needed a picture. ————————————— Face: #cantstopwontstopfoundation as always #tarteshapetape concealer #parkaveprincess chisel pallet #anastasiabeverlyhills blush #kathleenlightsxcolourpop fire highlighter with #smashboxxvladamua Eyes: #jamescharlespalette and #tarte potted eyeshadow, #stillastayallday eyeliner and #lightscameralashesmascara and #stillahugemascara Brows: #benefitbrowpencil and gel Lips: #morpheliquidlipstick
Everyone’s doing it so why not hop on the bandwagon? 2018 has been crazy, as usually every year is. But most importantly 2018 brought me great friends and great makeup. I look forward to growing my skills and maybe actually doing make up for side work in 2019. I also look forward to solidifying my spirituality. Most importantly I look forward to finally being at peace in my own home with my amazing boyfriend and our cat and dog. May 2019 be the year we all hope it to be!!! 🥳🎇🎉
The beautiful #jamescharlespalette swatched so prettily. Most of these shades are pressed pigments and work better over a base but I was not about to slather my arm in paint pot so this is on my plain skin, the first picture is the first swatch and then the one following is with another swatch on top to build up that color. Can’t wait to #unleashyourinnerartist with this babe 😍
Sometime I clean up nice 💁🏼‍♀️ This was a few days before the updated red hair, I think the red has been the best fade I’ve ever had ****************************** Eyes: #bossmoodpalette @morphebrushes Face: #cantstopwontstopfoundation @nyxcosmetics
Did my make up, hated it and re did the whole thing for this look which turned out SOOO much better thank god. Used the #bossmoodpalette from @morphebrushes and dear god I love this palette I’ve only used it twice so far but I can’t rave about it enough!!! Will post a few pictures of a green look I did as soon as I get off my lazy butt and download them!! Lipstick: #scorpiomoon
Tea and board games @bardandbaker . This tea is the best I’ve had in a looonnnggg time!!
I couldn’t get a good picture of this make up all day but this is the best one I could muster up. Skin: @benefitcosmetics #porefessionalprimer , @nyxcosmetics #cantstopwontstopfoundation #narsissist bronzer, #elfcosmetics blush, #kathleenlightsxcolourpop #onthecusphighlight Eyes: #morphexjaclynhill #armedandgorgeouspalette
Car selfies and easy make up 😍 Lipstick: @colourpopcosmetics @kathleenlights #colourpopxkathleenlights #scorpiomoon
When your friend lets you beat her face then let’s you shove a camera in it 😍 First time I’ve done make up on someone else in about a year, I need more people to let me slap make up on them for an hour!! I used @nyxcosmetics #cantstopwontstop foundation and @tartecosmetics #parkaveprincess chisel pallet and #toastedpalette along with the park ave princess lipstick #neverfilterbeauty #fallvibes #makeup #shecalledthisnatural
Off to go stuff my face!!! Can’t believe I’m actually wearing a B.B. cream, and I kinda like it? Who am I? Maybe I’m just so hungry that I’ve lost my mind 🤷🏼‍♀️ #nyxcosmetics #makeup #bbcream #redhead #sweaterweather #september #food
My body is a temple 😍 for fair food #fair #food #imgonnabeinafoodcomasoon #ifitsfrieditsgood #newhair #redhead
Why do my eyes and my camera never agree on how I look?? I have officially used all but ONE shade from the #kathleenlightsxcolourpop #zodiaccollection and I can 100% say that this collection is 💣!! I used the Taurus, the Virgo, the Pisces and On The Cusp on my eyes. For highlight I mixed the Cancer and On The Cusp. And for lips I used What’s Your Sign and a little bit of Cody Airspun setting powder to make the lipstick matte I wanna do a full review now that I’ve used all but one shades but that might still be a week out cause I’m lazy 🤷🏼‍♀️ #makeup #colourpop #haloeye #blondehair #eyeshadow @kathleenlights @colourpopcosmetics
I just wanted to be a blue alien princess, don’t judge 😜 Eyes: @jeffreestarcosmetics #thirstypalette and #jaclynhillpalette Face: #elfcosmetics foundation, #nars bronzer, #loreallumi highlighter, glitter from tarte Brows: #pixicosmetics brow pencil and gel Lips: #tartecosmetics festival
Birthday party look!! Got to use the new #thirstypalette . The shades blend soooo well and these glitters are amazing!! #birthday #makeup #jefreestarcosmetics #pink #blue
AAAANNNNNDDDDDD the lippies!!!! Ugh they’re all so pretty. Farthest to closest: Cherry Wet Huntington Beach (818) Fudge Pop Soft Serve Coral Fixation Thirst Trap Yummy AAAAHHHH IM IN LOVE. Can’t wait to get this on my face!! #jeffreestarcosmetics #thirsty #swatches #lipstick #summercollection2018
I know swatches don’t mean much but GODDANGIT these swatched amazingly. I’m already in love with the #thirsypalette . So beautiful 😍 #jeffreestarcosmetics #newpalette #inlove #summer
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