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Doing better than she ever was💞 📸: @kevinmazur @gettyentertainment
Tour Of The Year ⭐️ #iheartawards2019 📸: @gettyentertainment @kevinmazur
‪You ARE the unforeseeable factor 💋 Tour Of The Year + Best Music Video for “Delicate” at the #iHeartAwards2019 ! ‬ ‪WE LOVE YOU GUYS! ❤️‬
Who’s watching #iHeartAwards2019 ⁠ ⁠ with us tonight?! SO EXCITED to see @taylorswift accept the @iheartradio Best Tour Award 👏💃 📸: @quentin_jones
“Every day I try to remind myself of the good in the world, the love I’ve witnessed and the faith I have in humanity. We have to live bravely to truly feel alive, and that means not being ruled by our greatest fears.” @taylorswift @elleusa #TaylorxELLE 📸: @benhassett
“Trying and failing and trying again and failing again is normal.” @taylorswift @elleusa #TaylorxELLE 📸: @benhassett
‪“I thought I'd share some lessons I've learned before reaching 30, because it's 2019 and sharing is caring.” - @taylorswift ‬ ‪Read the 30 things she learned before turning 30 in @elleusa 🙌✨ #TaylorxELLE ‬ 📸: @benhassett
👑👑👑 📸: @quentin_jones
“It’s this alliance between a song and our memories of the times it helped us heal, or made us cry, dance, or escape that truly stands the test of time. Just like a great book.” @taylorswift @elleuk 📸: @quentin_jones
“I want to remember the colour of the sweater, the temperature of the air, the creak of the floorboards, the time on the clock when your heart was stolen or shattered or healed or claimed forever.” 💎 @taylorswift for @elleuk 📸: @quentin_jones
"I love writing songs because I love preserving memories, like putting a picture frame around a feeling you once had." - @taylorswift for @elleuk 💖 📸: @quentin_jones
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