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But did you see @aviacastroworld s leg gains in the background thooo 🤣 ❤️ #familygains
Dreamers of the day are dangerous, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. ✖️➕✖️
SMARTER ✖️➕✖️Don’t just work harder than everyone in the room....Work smarter than everyone . You don’t have to be gifted, talented,rich, or have the perfect environment to get to where you want to be. You just have to take control of that which YOU HAVE IN YOUR CONTROL. That’s your time reading and learning , and the level you push yourself to the point where you know you ain’t getting out of that gym , classroom, arena etc unless you know you ain’t got even 1% more to give before you start to faint, vomit, or can’t keep your eyes open reading another word. do.that.every.single.day. Let’s get it Engineered fam ✊🏻 - FREE DIET & TRAINING advice , link in bio 🌍
The most neglected muscles on everyones pursuit of aesthetics are the rear delts , triceps , and traps. Those are the groups that give you the superhero sillouette . Loved this session with @losangelesconfidential and @mdiazfitness . See you in LA soon again Kings!. - Subscribe to my YouTube channel and sign up for free on my website for all my training and diet plans for free! Link in bio 🌍
Never skip leg day. legs complete a physique, and they are the largest muscle group you can train. Training legs intensely and eating properly give your body a massive metabolism and hormonal boost. CHEST MONDAY is for noobies . MONDAY Is leg day for the aesthetic titans. Find all my training advice and diet plans for FREE link in my bio 👆 #legs ask me any questions 👇
BOSS WOMAN ✖️➕✖️When your woman @yanitayancheva shows you how to be a BOSS. 🤤 ❤️ /w/ @aviacastroworld #love
Phase Three of my second studio is now finished and my new song “In my head “ is now live on all platforms including Spotify , iTunes, YouTube , and Apple Music!! You guys will be seeing a lot of this place the next little while 🤙🏼 I will also film YouTube discussions in here. What topics should I discuss for you? Link to the song is in my link tree in bio ⬆️ #musicstudio #bodyengineers
I didn’t F*€£ your Girl last night don’t worry ✊🏻 but this beat definitely did. ALL IN MY HEAD Comes out Tomorrow on Spotify ,iTunes , and all other platforms! Follow me on Spotify to hear it first 🎵 link in bio
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Thank you God.
WARRIOR ✖️➕✖️ teasing my new song over a hilight reel of an epic session with my brothers @martynfordofficial and @tonysurphman ... what better way is there? Release is beginning of November . Follow me on Spotify and check out my training and meditation playlists. - wearing @bodyengineersofficial
How big was it Bro? @steveaoki But what were we talking about ?..
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