Be Proud of who you are. Love is Love. Tattooed Medic trying to make sense of this roller coaster ride called life. Out & Proud!! 🌈1 in 5 Survivor.

Rest In Peace Miss Aretha
F**king Chad
Clouds passing through in Illinois. Now really cool, but come on that shit looks like something bad is gonna happen so run
Beautiful pic
A staple in the downtown core. Good food, good prices.
Holy shit
Stay Strong! Stay Safe! Thank you for what you do & being there for us!!
Second sitting done tonight. Looking bad ass. Thank you @thor_hammersen_tattoo @yongestreettattoos awesome as usual!!
Cover up. Continued work on sleeve. This is one sitting done by @thor_hammersen_tattoo @yongestreettattoos Thank you Thor 🙏🏻
Best one yet!!!
OMG too funny
Close call & why are there so many white trucks?
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