Taneli Jarva

🏴18th year Tattooer.. still counting! 🏴Working at TATUATA, Helsinki, Finland 🏴(jarva@tatuata.com )

Postcard from my submission to the @reclaimthedots book AKA @reclaimthedots_the_book by @frikyrklig AKA #mrchocolatesaltyballs från Sverige!
Sometimes I finish what I started.. Kiitos Jarppi hienosta projektista!!🎶🙌🏼🎵
True American tattoo legend @billloika is coming to visit us 27-28.03! Tattooing with almost 45 years of experience. You can book your appointment by email info@tatuata.com Limited availability - don’t sleep on it!
Cound’t get a decent photo of this shiny, green tiger.. but here it is nonetheless! He-Man’s Battle Cat or so I’m told.. Kiitos, Mikko!
Black stallion.. Kiitos, Milla!
Such an honour to tattoo my own band logo #PoisonWhisky 🥃☠️🥃 Kiitos, Saara! Thanks x 1000 @crewsyfixer for this design! It’s a modern classic!
Self portrait as the repo man - Hooded & Healed.. Fresh black clouds in the horizon, harbingers of impending Doom.⚫️⚫️⚫️
HUOMIO! Varkaita Viiskulmassa! Varastettu 11.3/12.3 yöllä 2 kpl käsinmaalattuja puuplakaatteja TATUATAn ulko-ovelta. Palkkio luvassa esineiden löytäjälle ja TUPLA palkkio varkaan nimestä! 🔥🗡🔥
And thus we integrated an assortment of individual tattoos into a full sleeve.. Sometimes is works like that. Kiitos, Leevi! ⚫️⚫️⚫️
One from last week.. Kiitos, Olli!
Goddamn mirror selfie with a painting I did for my mate’s drum method book.. @christian.schaefer.81 @up_anddownbeats #drumschoolupanddownbeats #poisonwhisky 💥💥💥
Repost from @darkthronetane sporting some of my tattoos & my band merch! 🎶♠️🎵 This #PoisonWhisky t-shirt is exclusively available from @levykauppax ⚡️ Link in my IG profile - Worldwide shipping - LP & CD still available too. 🎵♠️🎶 Thänks for the suppört, Tane!🙌🏼
Short, sharp pain in the neck.. I put a knife in it & ruined @tillikahvi ’s saturday! #puukkokaulalla 🔪🍻
Kike is back @tatuata next week! Contact @tattoosbykike for that perfect dotwork tattoo!
Some fresh lines for the weekend.. Kiitos, Ale! To be continued.. 🗡
Mitti’s got an Ace ♠️ up his sleeve! Kiitos 🤝
Some progress.. Kiitos, Toni!⚫️⚫️⚫️
Commissioned painting for @olutravintola_pikkulintu 🔥🥃🔥 True mixed media: Indian ink, water colour, stout & porter, blended & single malt + some lager for good measure.. So the mojo side should be covered pretty good! 💥🍻💥 Kiitos @atteeofficial
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