Taneli Jarva

♠️I'm a Rocker.. I'm a Roller too! ♠️Total Tattooing at TATUATA, Helsinki, Finland ♠️+16 years of experience (jarva@tatuata.com )

Valkyrie from last week.. Kiitos @theshinnizle77
🔥#POISONWHISKY Christmas Special T-shirt lim.ed of 25! Finland: 20€ sis.postit - EU: 25€ incl.shipping👹 DM or email jarva@tatuata.com for details!
Preserved tattooed skin specimens from 100 yrs ago.. Healed & settled since the 20’s/30’s and photographed today! Who said tattoos don’t last forever?? #boldwillhold
Yep, it’s a #hellokitty #sugarskull ..I had fun doing this, too! Kiitos, Iris.
Another customer with impeccable taste in tattoo designs.. Kiitos, Alex!🏴
Matching rib jams from a while back.. Have a nice weekend, folks! 🤘🏼🍻🤘🏼
This is a NATIONAL symbol - NOT a nationalistic symbol! I hope some of you people can see the difference.. Besides, it’s on a Spanish fennoman! Gracias & Kiitos! #hyvääitsenäisyyspäivää
Edged weapon with floral enhancement from the other day.. Kiitos, Leevi!🌹🗡
Healed #KingDiamond & fresh Carpenter #Halloween on @darkthronetane who always gets the coolest shit.. Kiitos! 🙌🏼
At the Grand Opening of my friend @stadinhande ’s Photo Exhibition.. whereto I was persuaded to do my first & last male model appearance.. See there 👉🏼for details & check it out for yourself if in #Helsinki ! 💥📸💥 Kiitos, Hande!
A sword on the thigh, nearly half a meter long..🗡 Kiitos, Iikka!
Tattoo history session with @ceciliahateful ..I did this directly off a 1920’s F.Marquand acetate stencil. See there 👉🏼 for close-up. Grazie, C!✌🏼
Popular favourite from a couple of years ago.. healed & settled in nicely. 🔥🔥🔥
Yes, the King Fate print is still available for 25€ - shipping included worldwide! 🔥🦇🔥PayPal: jarva@tatuata.com and/or DM here for details.
Another weekend survived..! Hot shit on a hot young couple 👄👅 #suckit #lickit #rollingstones
Winged ”Eye” that I did at Art for Life Tattoo in 2007/2008.. Pic from yesterday.
Day off progress with my sound man @hassisen_sami 🔥🐉🔥
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