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♠️I'm a Rocker.. I'm a Roller too! ♠️Total Tattooing at TATUATA, Helsinki, Finland ♠️+16 years of experience (jarva@tatuata.com )

🔥Rock of Ages.. for the Damned!🔥Check the video of it in my ”story” section for better view. Kiitos, Mikko!🔥
🦇This Conspiracy era King has now found a home too.. so they are all either tattooed or reserved. 🦇 But the flash print is still available 25€ shipped WORLDWIDE or 15€ pick-up eli noudettuna. 🦇 DM or jarva@tatuata.com
A different kind of #MercyfulFate tattoo.. #Melissa
Progress is slow but inevitable..
The King print is still available: 25€ shipped WORLDWIDE - 15€ nouto eli pick-up @tatuata 🦇 PayPal: jarva@tatuata.com or DM if you have questions! The postcards go out for free.. 🦇
From a while back.. Kiitos, Atte!
Fresh horseshoe & healed rose.. Kiitos @mariaelluska
A bit of #saturdaynightfever with my friend @sirluttinen 🔥🔥🔥 Right sleeve & back healed up & settled in.
#Valkyrie from the week.. Kiitos @painajainen_pohjalla ⚡️🌪⚡️
It’s Elvis alright, but it’s also a tribute to another musical act.. Let’s see who can figure it out!? 🔥🎶🔥
Back in the early to mid 90’s I used to be in a band called Sentenced. It started out as a death metal band and over time evolved into something different. Some might say we wimped out or sold out.. With the latter I disagree - as for the former, it’s pretty obvious, hahaha.. After my departure in ’96 Sentenced went on to greater things with a new vocalist and turned into a totally different animal. I have a fuckin’ gold record to my name for a ”best of” cd, for fuck’s sake! Although I’ve continued playing in different bands ever since, it’s become quite clear that I will always chiefly be remembered for something that I essentially achieved during my teenage years (I was 21 when I left the band). It’s been a burden at times, to put it mildly. However, when I tattoo people with the logos, symbols and artwork of the band & get to hear how important a role the music (and lyrics) have played in their lives & sometimes helped them through a rough patch.. I’ve come to understand its value and the impact of my short time with Sentenced. I doesn’t mean that I can listen to all that stuff, but at least I’ve come to terms with it, haha! This tattoo is from the front cover of my last album with #Sentenced , called #Amok in ’95. Actually I had the same image tattooed on my arm in ’94 - before we even recorded the damn thing! Thank you for the dedication, Pekko! I know it means a lot. Means a lot to me, too. #thewaraintover
PRINTS! By popular demand: 25€ shipped WORLDWIDE - 15€ nouto eli pick-up @tatuata 🦇 PayPal: jarva@tatuata.com or DM if you have questions! #pickyourking
2nd session in progress.. There’s an old tribaloid thing being covered in the mid section. Next time backgroungs. Kiitos, J!💪🏼
New band stickers! Available at #PoisonWhisky gigs worldwide! 🥃☠️🥃
🕸Kiitos, L!🕸
Miniature.. 🔥🐐🔥Kiitos, Lauri!
More band tats! #PeerGünt is a historic Finnish hard rock band and this guy is from their debut album.. Kiitos, J!♠️♠️♠️
#Ouroboros & #Baphomet ..a nice way to start off the week! Kiitos, Jani!
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