Tammy Brook

Mother, daughter, sister, best friend, slave 2 fashion, die hard brand strategist, Editor At Large of @thrive & founder of @fyibrandgroup NY LA

#MagicCityMondays was a movie 💜with my baby girl @justineskye 💸💸💵💵 @6lack #EastAtlantaLoveLetter
Im taking my role at @thrive into action with a goal to motivate my peers for tips to live a mindful & balanced life, I was recently inspired by my dear friend & hero @nalieagustin a cancer thriver, to look at each part of life as a blessing. Change the way you think, anytime you HAVE TO do something say “I GET TO” in front of it. Well I “got to do a photo shoot” recently and the in between real life moments that were captured were the ones that worked. Remember to laugh & find the joy in everything & to challenge yourself to THRIVE not just live life on auto pilot!! It’s Monday & we all “GET TO” spend this week ahead making MAGIC. 🖤 #ThriveGlobal
I post pics at the gym to inspire women to find work & life balance, self care is a choice & a lifestyle. I made a conscious decision in 2009 to change my “post baby” body & finally snapped back & haven’t looked back ever since. I go to the gym constantly & consistently no matter where I am in the world. It gets my mind right, makes me feel full of self love to conquer my days. #BodyTightMindRight
I’m so excited to announce the launch of @fyibrandgroup after over a year of incubating we have officially rebranded & launched 5 divisions with a new holistic 360 branding business model to take over the viral world we live in. I can say we have cracked the code on a pipeline to connect our clients to pop culture! A new blue print. Hard work pays off when you continue to challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself, this reflects in every aspect of your life, especially in business! I’m so thankful for my team for making this possible & for my inner circle of industry peers who have believed in me, mentored me & pushed me to see this through. New chapter, join us on the journey! #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork #FYIBrandGroup link to story in bio
That’s a wrap for me #NYFW #EverySeptember 🖤💋 #TomFord
Balenciaga Mama 🖤 #BazaarICONS #NYFW
#NYFW has officially begun. Dress by @tomford 🖤♠️ #TomFord #SS2019
Dear Summer 2018- Got to say goodbye to you with a purple haze sunset in the BU with my babes..xoxo💋
@xoxofaithhaslem Challenge accepted!! I feel awesome when I get to bring out the best of my fashion looks to go to work events & get caught candid 📷 on the move. Brings out the best in me, when we look good, we feel good. This is why I nominate these awesome, fashionable and gorgeous friends in my life @kimberlyjchandler @rebecca_stella @alexisphifer @melissaandre @theprofessionalbruncher @publyssity @gabalabbb @estherandsasha to take #TheAwesomeChallenge . Post yourself feeling empowered, stylish and confident and tag 3 friends. Every time #TheAwesomeChallenge hashtag is used @rocketsofawesome will donate an entire back-to-school outfit to @baby2baby with a goal that every child will feel confident with an outfit to go back to school. ❤️
New chapter 🔥 I spent the past few years changing the narrative for my career and have been fully invested in not only using my platform to inspire my peers to live a mindful life with the support of @thrive @ariannahuff @agapisees but I am now challenging myself to practice what I preach as a woman mind body and soul. I finally took a leap of faith and cut off my hair, this is a huge deal in my middle eastern culture, I am a child and sibling of immigrants, where my mom always identified beauty with my long Israeli girl hair and made me promise never to cut it, when I did as a young adult she cried and I grew it back immediately and haven’t cut it since. Here I am years later, fulfilling my daughters long time wish for me to cut it, rid myself of tradition & start fresh. Ladies, your beauty isn’t identified by one trait it’s holistic it comes from within and exudes in everything that you are. Excited for what’s next, I feel lighter, fresher and ready for anything especially #NYFW and #FallFashion ! #TammyDiaries #ThriveGlobal #WordsOfWisdom #Israel @thrive 🇮🇱 #Immigrant #WeAreAllDreamers #WeAreTheDream
Got HOT this morning with my squad 🔥 now we’re ready for anything this week! #HotPilates
Made it to the Annual #WestbrookWhiteParty posted in front of Big Russ’s legendary 1961 White Impala. 🏆
I came to NYC with a suitcase & a dream...I managed to work overtime while in college to support my “real time” bag & shoe habit inspired by every look my fashion icon @patriciafield was putting on #SexInTheCity . I’ll never forget the day I purchased the iconic @dior denim saddle bag in 2000 that Patricia made famous, that day was a right of passage for me. By the law of attraction I soon met Patricia & magic happened, she took me under her wing & became my first client at @fyibrandgroup , she also taught me how to dress with fearless confidence & my baby girl was her little muse. Fast forward to 18 years later here I am on Crosby street with my very first @dior bag my daughter pulled out of storage last week & updated it with the new strap I bought in Paris last spring. I’ve always been a city girl at heart with a fashion dream. I hope to inspire other women to be fearless, pursue their dreams & never throw away classic purses, all trends come back in due time! No glass ceiling in NYC where I have made all my dreams come true & in style..👠💄💋 #LastDaysOfSummer #WomenSupportingWomen #TammyStyleDiaries #DiorGirl #TammyDiaries
I got to kiss a #moonman or two last night 💋🔥 #vmas2018 congrats @djkhaled @21savage
Our last night in Paris always ends at Trocadero. So blessed to make this a frequent tradition with my mini me. #CulturalWealth is the biggest gift we can give our children, I’m determined to make her smarter & better then me. 🇫🇷 🌎 while making memories that will last a lifetime. #Reset #Recharged
My home away from home 🇫🇷 #75008
I’ve fallen in ❤️ with Monaco 🇫🇷
I’ve been advised for years in order to succeed as a female entrepreneur that I should “be beige, dress conservatively, blend in, so you can quietly have a seat at the table.” I realize now Its rare there is a seat waiting for me at any table, so I bring my own seat & end up manifesting room for myself at these tables, I know now I can still be my FEMININE RADIANT SELF and can conquer the world as long as I honor myself daily. Ladies continue to insert yourself into situations, I promise you room will be made for you eventually at these tables. So go ahead and post a pic with a bikini on with no fear that you will face repercussions, know that you CAN DO BOTH, be a professional & be a woman. Celebrate yourself, mind, body & soul with no filters. This pic was truly a candid taken when I was in my element by my heart beat ❤️ @darlymurray #TammyDiaries
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