Tamara Barton-Campbell

[Renaissance] @rnssncldn Future Leaders Forum BSAC 2018

Year of the three seven 📷 @tsedopian
Thanks for having us @bbcradiolondon #dotunadebayo we look forward to coming back soon. Catch me at the #toomuchsource exhibition this week celebrating all things [Black History] curated and hosted by @swarzymacaly at @wbtclondon from 24th - 28th October [all day, just pop by]
What a historical milestone for the culture. You don’t often see or hear what happens behind the scenes. The good fight starts there, that’s where you often find me. Yesterday @femioyeniran & @nickyslimting made their voices and vision clear! May this be the start of something we see more often, and may we continue to lead in our culture. [more ownership, consistency and community for 2019] @charlene_p10 the journey continues, each and every chapter will bring something new 💕@victor.adebodun the doors you’ve opened have stayed ajar for many to pass through! A huge thank you to the cast & crew and everyone who supported. #theintent2 out nationwide this Friday 21st September.
I always wondered how you made that sound ‘mmmmmm’ I even tried it a few times in private... and it didn’t work. For all the times you made sure I had eaten, for driving back in the middle of the night to get me. For guessing that I was a ‘nervous flyer’ for knowing when to take us home... for being you, I will forever be grateful for your life... trust us to do this for you #restpeacefully #gofundme @victor.adebodun ❤️💔
Reminding myself that my younger self is routing for me.. thanks baby-girl 👶🏾
Talking to Winford Williams about the Film and Tv industry in Jamaica. @winfordw
#DavidBowie This was a good day. ❤️🙏🏿🙏🏾 #legend #YCTV #iman