Based at OSL . De-icing Instructor + Operator. On the editorial board of Norwegian’s Safety Review magazine.

#teamred supports @unicef . Also - I am a tail hero now . The only one still alive
Diving into Stockholm today from Malaga and onwards to Oslo . Back to the frosty mornings I go 🔥
Felt amazing spending a few days in my hometown by the sea 🔥
In between the clouds approaching Prague with @ruilopesd at the controls
How much is this view worth ?
1200mm’s compressing distances making a highrise from Amsterdam Zuid appear to be a lot closer than it really is
@krikrys taking us in on 01R at OSL 😄🔥
@flynorwegian + sun = 😍
One of my favourites from thursday this week . 01R at OSL with surroundings and it is all looking absolutely beautiful. Northern sky still bright late at night and it adds so much to the atmosphere #oslfoto
@clqv2s and the M3 at Alpha South in December of 2012. Engine 2 shut down for the treatment of the right hand side wing
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