Based at OSL . De-icing Instructor + Operator. On the editorial board of Norwegian’s Safety Review magazine.

Completely fresh 3 year old shot. I just go out there and create magic only to leave it waiting for a long time afterwards .. guess that’s just how I go about things in general sometimes . Here it is anyways - I like this one 🤷🏼‍♂️
When any sort of editing will just make it look worse .. Love these walks out into the deep fresh snow around OSL with the occasional #teamred passing by
Almost home. Lights from runway 06 reflecting off the belly in the very early morning . Anybody able to tell me what model this is from looking at the nose gear?
Shit weather makes good photos
#teamred on blue with white . @flynorwegian for sure
Almost 9 years have passed since I made this thing . It was -18 degrees C and it is 45 minutes compressed into a singular moment in this image . It shows 01L departures (shot facing north as apparent by the Stella Polaris with all the stars making circles around it) . This apparent spin of the starry sky is of course due to the spin of the earth around it’s north/south pole axis - and as the Stella Polaris is almost exactly on this axis it appears to be still while the other stars are making the trails. #avgeek #stars #trails #startrails #polar #longexposure #oslfoto
Sunset views on Bravo North happening around 15:00 this time of year
More days like these are right around the corner and we are more than prepared . Be nice - de-ice 🤷🏼‍♂️
Another oldie . Leaf-less trees in late autumn
Layers, refractions, metal and magic
14 years ago at AMS. Just some 14 year old kid with his first camera in hand that summer. The 300D - I still have this camera on a shelf - just as nostalgic as this plane and paint scheme is to me. The DC-10 was actually the first plane I got to see a real life active cockpit of - in flight from Oslo to Gran Canaria on my 6th birthday just a few weeks after getting back from Canada on a 747-200. Already loved flying back then 🤷🏼‍♂️
9 year old photo . CAVOK with snow on the ground makes for an almost shadowless old -300 . LN-KHD for 01R
Icelandic coastline
BGO express with @andersenerik and @ruilopesd
Broken clouds at 100ft, fog and low winter sun 😬
Bergen looked very good from above that evening . My first time being there without heavy rainfall .
Dug one up from the archive today. October 11th 2013 : my first time observing live de-icings at work. About 4 weeks later I got my signatures to operate this thing by myself and I never stopped 😬 #hotstuff
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