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I love Deea more than anything ∞ 💙 I’m puffpuff‘s parabatai 💙 • Multi (mostly Dani) 。・゜Video ★ ゜・。 ∞ equally ∞ ・。Don’t let Caity die・。 Remember...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 🎂 🌸10.09.2018🌸 So here’s a collab for my Birthday with my talented LOML💙 Her part saved the whole edit🤧💙 And omg I’m really bad at putting parts together😂 part 1: Lydia Martin - me part 2: Izzy Lightwood - @puffusedits aka my bb who deserve the entire world 💙 ac: @lcviathanaudios dt: me I guess 😂 - #hollandrodengrp #fastestgrp #mitchrappgrp
I really need edit him more🤤 S-C-R-A-P🤪 - You guys prefer Void Stiles or just Stiles? ac/sc/dt: anvictus - - #fastestgrp #finishanvictusedit2 #hollandrodengrp
Omg that day is finally came💕 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELENA💜💜💜 Now u are my another grandma hehe💗 I spend my whole day for this edit so I hope u like it🤧💓 (tHe wOrsT iNtro in The entIRE uniVerSe😂) I TriEd mY bEst💗💗💗 I LOVE U GIRL❤️❤️❤️ Dt: snowbarry31 ofc💜 ac: jksaudios oc: sweet.roden and dylsmoon - - - #caitlinsnowgrp #frostedgrp #fastestgrp #snowbarryds
Ooooffff what a women🤤 - I have a lot favs so I actually wanted add more characters but I got lazy hehe - Here’s chapters I wanted to add: Malia Hale, Izzy Lightwood, Cheryl Blossom and Clark Griffin - cc: me ac: anvictus • #caitlinsnowgrp #frostedgrp #fastestgrp #snowbarryds #hollandrodengrp
My hot parents 🤤 I finally edited them so bless me😂 cc: me ac: idr dt: my sister puffpuff @puffusedits I love u so much💓 @dylanismysoul and @sweet.roden - #hollandrodengrp
Can’t wait to see my badass queen again 👑 I bet you she will slay everyone in S5 - dt: to all my sisters and mommy🍝 💞 (we all are pasta but I still like croissant more😂) ac/intro ib: @t.oxicaudios cc: me - phone edit app: video star - #caitlinsnowgrp #frostedgrp #snowbarryds #fastestgrp
This edit probably will flop I MADE THIS EDIT FOR ONE OF MY FOLLOWER💞 SHE’VE BEEN THERE WITH ME ALMOST SINCE MY BEGINNING AND SHE ALWAYS I SWEAR TO GOD SHE ALWAYS LEAVE A LOT OF SWEET AND CUTE COMMENTS EVEN THO I DONT DESERVE IT💓💓💕💞💞💕💞💞💓💗💕💗💖💚❣️❣️💚❤️💚❣️💖💜💗💖 I JUST LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE EVERY SINGLE YOUR COMMENT 🤧💓 ac: galsaaudios cc: me dt: Natasha and Natasha only💖 (also this is ugly and you deserve way better💗) @/powerfulgoulding - - - My poor quality 😭
Like Femke said “We Stan unproblematic Queen 👑 “ I tried something new and honestly this turned out like shit ksjshs I hate myself [phone edit] app: video star ac: idr😣 cc: me dt: @sweet.roden @viragosnow @caitxallen My poor quality ksjshsh - #frostedgrp #caitlinsnowgrp #snowbarryds #fastestgrp
Owns my heart 🤤 Me to all Caitlin mf Snow haters: Yall should see my Queen in a crown 👑 And I will watch how she’ll make yall bow one by one by one....😏 WE ALL KNOW WHO IS THE REALL QUEEN OF THE CW😘 dt: danemke fans ❄️💁🏻‍♀️ I love you guys 🤧❤️ - OFFF MY POOR QUALITY 😢 #frostedgrp #snowbarryds #dnprct
He makes he crazier💙 This is ugly but they are not dt goes to incredible person @caitasf aka the reason why I watched this amazing show❤️ (also I still have a screenshot sjhsh😂) ac: wheresmisha (thanks woahmelwood for this audio ) - #deckerstar #deckerstaredit #phoneedit #vs74 #videostarapp #lucifer
OFFFF WHAT A WOMAN ~my lazy ass finally finished it~ ac: dylanvbrien cc: me Ugh my poor quality - #frostedgrp #snowbarryds #dnprct
Let’s not forget the original bad bitch I wish I know how to edit so enjoy this scrap ac: @paradise.audios cc: me dt: #frostedgrp and @viragosnow #dnprct
I'm not sure that I''ll be a part of this grp but I will try😄 [positive thoughts] #dnprct
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA 💘💕💕💙❤️❤️ Now you are officially grandma hehe (I kinda should said that😅❤️) Sorry you deserve way better edit than this trash💕 THEY OWNS THEIR SHOWS Dt: @frostycait ❤️ ac: @deadaudio
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