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West Coast, Best Coast #california
Throwback: The natural world is resplendent with beautiful animals. #finwhale #newportbeach
Throwback: I think he is on the way to a date😉 #2017 #vietnam #hanoi #discoverer
From Chur, over the Landwasser viaduct to Italy for lunch and back via Lago Bianco with a small aperitif. With @rhaetischebahn and #BerninaExpress this comfortable excursion for two persons with many breathtaking views is available for only 139 CHF incl. lunch. For more information see the link in my bio. #collaboration #switzerland
Who wants to stay in this castle🏰? #switzerland_vacations #visitswitzerland
Guarda Val offers treatments for body and stomach 😋 It is game time, which means a tasty deer🦌 with glas of red wine🍷 . For desert, fresh mountain⛰ air of @engadinscuol. #engadinwellness , #grhome , #ad
Who spends the whole day in front of a computer and smartphone, learns to appreciate places like the "Lai Nair" even more. The whole area around the lake is all covered with moor. This peaceful place invites you to linger and after a hike from @engadinscuol , this is also necessary :-D #engadinwellness , #grhome , #ad
A glass of Valais white wine and a plate of dried meat and cheese are a must on a hike. #visitswitzerland #zermatt
We were really lucky with the weather. But once a cloud came along and blocked the view of the Milky Way. Good reason for a break with @rastawhiteshepherd to simply enjoy the moment. #milkyway #visitswitzerland #inlovewithswitzerland
On some days you have to hike high up to see the Matterhorn. But there are also days when you can't even see the top of the mountain from above. But nevertheless, there is a very mystical atmosphere when you are at the same altitude as the clouds. #visitswitzerland #inlovewithswitzerland Music 🎵: The Hobbit Soundtrack - Howard Shore - The Misty Mountains Cold
When the Sun☀️ rises, the Valais black-nosed sheep also wake up and look for the breakfast. #Matterhorn #Zermatt #VisitSwitzerland
In the mountains🏔 , everything can change quickly. From rain☔️ to foggy and then within 10 minutes a beautiful sunset🌅. #inlovewithswitzerland #Matterhorn
About last night. Get up at 2 o'clock to photograph the Milky Way. #matterhorn #milkywaychasers
Zermatt has a lot to offer and as an Aquarius, I am always happy when near a brook or lake. The 5 lakes hike is perfect for this. Green meadows and clear water invite you to picnic. #Zermatt #Mattethorn #VisitSwitzerland #eartpix
Who wouldn't want sometimes be a bird? #matterhorn #visitswitzerland #zermatt
When was the last time you looked up to the stars⭐️? #visitswitzerland #zermatt #matterhorn
These perfect days where you first have a great night under the Milky Way⭐️ and then the perfect sunrise 🌅 at Stellisee. #Zermatt #Matterhorn
Who would like to stay here for one night? Cozy rooms of Fluhalp come with a perfect view of the #Matterhorn . #whplight
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