Elden Henson

The only thing my mom loves more than the Hallmark channel is Xmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. You add her favorite son(me) and her favorite grandson(my boy) she is in total heaven!! As a bonus my homegirl, the great and talented @magslawslawson is watching over us in the background!! And yeah my mom has her tree decorated before Thanksgiving. Told you she loves Xmas!
Let’s go Dodgers!
Me and my best friend are ready to run faster and jump higher! #pfflyers
Pretty sure these flys are doing it doggy style! #nofilter
Gimmie Back My Bullets #weedeater
Me and my best friend. BEST DAY EVER!!!
Happy Father’s Day mom!!! Thank you so much for giving a shit!! Love you!!!
Best Father’s Day ever!! At the Dodgers game with one of my oldest friends @roachsk8 and our boys. Couldn’t be happier right now!!
Mini Nelson
Still thinking about this incredible play I saw last night. Fills my heart so see what an accomplished actor my old friend @vancityjax has grown to be, and Lauren Ridloff’s performance is nothing short of remarkable. I can’t say enough about this play and every actor/actress in it. Please please please go see this play, there are only a few shows left, I promise it won’t disappoint.
Going to see an old friend tonight. I hear great things about this play, and I couldn’t be more excited to see it!!
SKY-SHU [su]* by Jasmin Blasco & David Okum totally blew my mind, check it out at Wilding Cran Gallery. Jeremy Everett also has some incredible stuff there. Anthony always has great stuff at his gallery, please go check it out!! #wildingcrangallery #jasminblasco #davidchu #jeremyeverett
I was listening to music with my boy the other day, and he said “dada, can we listen to something cooler, like this?” And pulled this record out. Now I know I’ve done at least one thing right as a father.
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