Elden Henson

DesertX and my babe. Thanks for the recommendation @roachsk8 Thanks for being down @ferrarinyca
Nerd Alert!!!!
My best friend. Artist.
Me and my best friend
I can’t believe I forgot how amazing this album is. Even better than I remember. Top to bottom, fucking awesome. And I don’t know shit, but I feel like people don’t talk about Larry LaLonde’s guitar playing enough.
Happy New New!! Thanks to @bigbigbiz and #sleepband for making it an incredible night!!
Please check out this album by my old friend Matt Doherty. Any MD fans out there would probably be especially interested!! So proud of you Matt, love you brother!!!
The only thing my mom loves more than the Hallmark channel is Xmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. You add her favorite son(me) and her favorite grandson(my boy) she is in total heaven!! As a bonus my homegirl, the great and talented @magslawslawson is watching over us in the background!! And yeah my mom has her tree decorated before Thanksgiving. Told you she loves Xmas!
Let’s go Dodgers!
Me and my best friend are ready to run faster and jump higher! #pfflyers
Pretty sure these flys are doing it doggy style! #nofilter
Gimmie Back My Bullets #weedeater
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