mixing tonics🍄✨Finding #plantbased options wherever I go. El Centro, CA 🌵 #crossfit

Being vegan is so restrictive.... #vegancarneasadaburger
I love Indian food 😍 #veganinpalmsprings
#vegan in Ruta del Vino.
Vegan in Rosarito. Plus my grilled veggies...coming soon
Israeli wine, chimichurri, tofu & green beans, potatoes, asparagus, yams, hummus, veggies and more.
Monday: Ditched the gym. No work. Mom made me a vegan pizza. No guilt. Ok maybe just a bit 🤭
Brunch. #zinccafe #healthybowl #mimosa #sunday Also of course fries because I love fries and chips + guacamole 😍 treat yourself Sunday.
Best vegan pizza ever 💕 #seitanmeetsjesus my favorite when in LA.
Hummus and old fashions. Picture by @irannyaelrojas
No filter needed for this hidden restaurant (serves breakfast and brunch) with a vegan menu along with a normal one. 💕 woke up at 3:30 am and drove to Disney but stopped to grab a bite here first. I definitely recommend it. Vegan hash brown with veggies and soyrizo and blueberry pancakes 💕 + coffee. Amazing place for brunch before heading out to Disney for the day.
The kind of tacos you never have to feel bad about. #chollardgreen wraps with a spring baby lettuce mix plus mixed ready to eat salad inside (consisting of raw: broccoli, green cabbage, Brussel sprouts, kale, chicory dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds), black olives, garbanzos, cucumbers, pepperoncini, @bitchinsauce Bombay flavor and a dressing made out of lemon, olive oil and garlic. It was sooo good! 💕
Heres to starting a healthy week after a weekend of indulging. 😍
Ready to start a 3 day juice detox tomorrow. After I drink some wine tonight with my girls 😆 thank you @estacion_vital for having it ready on such a short notice. I know I got the 5 day kit but my hubby is doing 2 days with me. I’m a very good motivator and very persistent 😂💕 #juicecleanse #detox #juicing
#vegan options at @cuatrorestaurante I wasn’t even hungry at all 🙈 but when I saw vegan I ordered it anyway. I get so excited when I see places having more options. 🙏🏻 #nofilter veggies and tofu over a huge mushroom 😬 + house beer (la chula) #veganmexicali
I know I said I’d start eating healthy and juicing today after vacations filled with French bread and wine. And I was actually very good all day long- I had green juice and grapes for breakfast then a protein shake before the gym but being the balanced person that I am 😜 I also had homemade pizza that my husband made me for dinner. Starting slow🙈 complemented my meal with a huge bowl of green salad + kombucha. #nofilter
Y claro, algo Mexicano en Paris. I get the chilango accent every time. ⭐️ ocupo salsa en mi vida. #zucchinitacos #veganinparis
Organic wine and delicious appetizers at this Spanish bar. Who would of known something as simple as avocado and sweet potatoes could be so exotic and delicious? The flavors were just amazing. #chambrenoire #veganinparis
😍 need I say more? #veganparis
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