mixing tonics🍄✨Finding plant-based options wherever I go. #vegan El Centro, CA 🌵 #crossfit

Vegan options everywhere. You don’t have to miss out on your social life just cuz you’re vegan. 😜 Salad, guacamole and a lemongrass mezcal 👌🏼
If you’re vegan at Buca di Beppo you don’t have to eat dry salad, you can make your own pasta plate and add veggies and marinara sauce which is vegetable based, just saying.
Vegan Mushroom & veggies paella 😳😍 They have so many vegan options. And Of course sangria👌🏼 #brusselsprouts
Cha cha fried rice and “shrimp tacos” 😍 first time I order the tacos, and they’re pretty up there on my list of things I love about this place.
Golden noodle soup plus side of fries and thai tea😬👌🏼 the cool thing about #lovinghut is that you can order a bunch of different plates, try everything and the portions are generous enough to share. Also the price is super affordable for a vegan place.
Hotel snacks from @traderjoes #vegan
Love when local places take chances and add stuff I love. Trying out the cherry ginger kombucha from @bootstrapkombucha now being sold at @statestreetcoffeehouse I haven’t brewed my own in a few weeks! I’m taking a break after years of non stop kefir and kombucha making but this motivates me to start again soon. Buy a growler or bring your own and try this deliciousness.
When you got to sacrifice yourself and have “second dinner” cuz your mom made vegan pupusas😍 and agua de tamarindo. #bettystrikesagain #vegansalvador 📸photo credit @poemmadesigns
curry mixed vegetables in a clay pot with tofu 🤗 and coconut milk. #veganinyuma
Had been a while since I had a vegan sandwich from strangers west. This was a vegan Italian sausage (Philly style) and let me just say it didn’t disappoint. We shared one, my husband and me and we were completely satisfied. Thanks @strangerswest for delicious and different vegan options.
When it’s Monday and you’re so decided to be healthy and eat only fruits and veggies but then you get this....🏃🏻‍♀️
Sunday, pizza day.
Dinner for one: tofu, mini bell peppers, green onions, potatoes, asparagus and green beans. Everything in the oven with organic adobe spices @ 455 degrees for 30 mins. Made my own guacamole using my molcajete and added my moms famous Mexican salsa 😍 #ladietadelapapa
If you feel like you need to get rid of some bacteria in your gut once in awhile it’s recommended to do a 7 day little natural treatment to clean out your stomach from #parasites and bugs. So here’s what you do (drink this on an empty stomach before food for a week). Pick 3 or more ingredients from picture and mix with water and drink. I mixed all 7 of course and it wasn’t that bad. From papaya you only need a tablespoon of the seeds, one garlic, 4 cloves, the zest of a lemon (preferably organic) I used lime 🙈, some cinnamon (whichever form you prefer- Whole or powder) and some ginger. Let’s see how this works. I just mixed it all on my nutri bullet. #detox Receta de @ronaldmoscoso_
Strangers salad with tofu and a refreshing Jamaica. They were out of sandwiches 😢 and potato salad. That’s what happens when you’re always late. On the plus side, I had a very healthy dinner 🤗
Toss a bunch of veggies with spices on the oven and voila. #nooil 😬 green beans, green onions, asparagus, potatoes of course, and mini sweet peppers. #dinner there was more but I started eating before the pic 🙈 has anyone used an air fryer before? Any thoughts?
My granola obsession is real. I love granola way too much, my mom says that’s all she ate when she was pregnant with me so I blame her. I try not to eat it allll the time but I do crave it. It’s very high in calories. To feel better about this treat, what I’ve been doing is looking for better options. I noticed almost all granola had oil which made no sense to me. Why would granola have oil? 🤷🏻‍♀️ so this weekend at Whole Foods I found two good options. @livingintentions activated superfood cereal which has figs, flax and fiber. It’s organic, probiotic, non gmo, gf and of course vegan. Plus it tastes amazing. I also found @engine2diet which has no added oils, non gmo, and soy free. So for dinner every night I mix both with some @so_delicious organic almond milk with cashew (carrageenan free) and enjoy my huge high calorie bowl of granola.
Having a bunch of fruit washed and cold makes it easier to eat plenty of fruit, specially with the heat, it’s all I’m craving 😍 #watermelon #grapes #cherries of course #peaches #nectarines #strawberries #mango #organic Watermelon is super sweet (it’s from @aldiusa )
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