I believe. In all of it. And more.🕊 I'm pun in a million. . . 1D | 16 | Leo | Zquad

Faith Hope Love..🖤
You will be exactly as happy as you decide to be.😊
Hate when I first meet someone and I'm all shy and awkward, like this ain't me I swear just wait.
Don't fuck with my vibes. Get real or get the fuck out of my life.
You are beautiful.🖤
Once in awhile someone amazing comes along....and here I am.🤘 P.C-@asmita_dash
Being accused of having an attitude when you don't have an attitude which results you in catching a stank ass attitude.🤘
Don't trip over bitches, Walk over them.
Sometimes people HATE you Because you are being LOVED by everyone.😘
We are all bad in someone's story.😈
RIP Danie.😭 Its been few weeks you became one of our family member and u suddenly left. I love u so much.❤ And gonna miss u a lot.❤
Hey mom and dad!😄 You are the best thing I got in my life. I dont knw how to thank u both for keeping me happy everytime. I love you guys so much.❤ Congratulations for being with eachother for 17 years. May you live together forever. Muahh😙 Happy 17th anniversary to both of u.❤❤
It doesn't matter If I sleep for 2 hrs or 13 hrs a day I will still be tired next day. #happysunday
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