Sukhraj Singh

Pursuing to become a Bodybuilder 18 y/o

Don’t worry what anyone else is doing, just keep your mouth shut
Give it your everything
Wanting to look freaky
No filters, no lighting, no bullshit. This year has been one of my most productive off season to date, keeping a good condition and weighed in at 85kg prior to this picture.
Just shut up and train.
Was legs today. Fuck anyone else get anxiety before legs because you know that shit is gonna hurt.
Trying to build a classic figure
Committed every day to be my best and nothing less
Never satisfied
Starting to look more bulky, missing the definition. Can't wait to cut
Weights finally going up again, might keep on bulking
Arm pump was so filthy, had to check up with the doctor.
Continuing on with my most productive off season ever. arms always look pumped, but legs are still catching up 😁
Which ones used daily
Every rep counts
Don't forget to eat your veggie, kid
The pump was insane with @dylan_mcneely and @ashh_smith
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