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for elda, jaz, sav, mia, krissie, averie and everyone else who loves loki Ɛ> ___ ac; ? | fc; 793 __ [#whitewolfsoc #evanstangrp ] repost- old group logo
he really should make a snapchat ___ for ayes, verie and serenity <3 fc; 734| ac; xthvnder [#whitewolfsoc #ccpsociety #evanstangrp ] __ i made all the templates/ animations and whatever :)
the winter soldier ___ for emma, grace, averie, elda, sophie, soph, aliyah, em, krissie, mia ×2 and tee <3 __ ac; deadaudio| rm of an old edit| fc; 673 [#ccpsociety #whitewolfsoc #evanstangrp ] ___ hardly an actual edit but i thot it was cool :)
for averie <3 __ ac; epiphavny| sc; @scbstians | fc; 655 [#whitewolfsoc #ccpsociety #evanstangrp ] __ highkey hate how this turned out lmao
N'Jadaka ___ ac; voidgold for mia, mady, chloe, krissie, mo, hilal, layla, aliyah, marwa and everyone in wws ily <3 _____[#whitewolfsoc ] 609
take it off 👀💦 __ for aliyah, layla, dreya, mia, jaeyln, emma, kayla, marwa, sav, krissie, elda, amani and ebony <3 ___ ac; mp3.audioss |cc; mine i cant do velocity 😳 ___ 536 ___ [#whitewolfsoc ]
lets ignore the glitches 😳 __ ac: multi_love for mia, elda, maddie, lauren, bri, @whitewxlfs and all my thorbruce stans uwu __ 497 __ [#starksociety ]
star-spangle my ass please __ ac- bvqky cc- mine (sorry some scenes are so dark) for mia, krissie, elda, zi, ella, marwa, grace, sara and the whitewolfsociety ____ [#starksociety ] 477
just want him to be happy __ ac: kjoonie.mp3 cc: mine for mia, ming, averie, chloe, elda, grace and amani <3 __ 442 lowkey proud of this idk __ [#starksociety ]
why are you white? __ ac: plottwistaudios + my voiceover cc: mine dt: layla, dreya, kallie, kristina and madison rm of an old edit my tc __ this is a mess im so sorry- __ [#starksociety ] 439
this is a hot mess __ ac: dylanismysoul cc: mine for zi, emillie, madison, averie, aisha, ebony, kayla, aliyah, amani and layla __ [ #starksociety ] 418
406 i posted another version on my story ____ ac: plotwistaudios cc: mine for jen [@intlstark ] bc you follow me and i have no idea why
hi uh they're endame __ ac: astrologcy cc: mine wobbly text cr: blackwidowv ily for krissie, jaelyn, ebs, kenna, mia, mollie, sara, layla and elda __ StVCkIeS first sTUcKy EdIT wHat 388
the softest (repost) ___ ac: cc: mine for jess, mia and grace ___ i was just trying out this style idk leave feedback :)) 379
yall can keep peter kavinsky 😳 __ ac: cc: mine for layla, elda, averie, mollie, bri (hbd uwu) and ayesha __ 373
cc: mine ac: deadaudio for chloe __ i know we dont talk much (or at all) but i also know you're going through alot of shit atm so here are some of your favorite people to cheer you up 💜💖💓💗❤💞💝💕 also remember im always here if you need to talk okay bby just dm me. ily you legend @diddybucky <3
a disney princess 🤧 __ ac: uniquest cc: mine for elda & emma __ 363
ik its the wrong time to post but i just got wifi lmao ___ hapoy birthday from all the thanosassgrp we love you sfm you skinny loser 💗💓💜💘💕💞💖 [@oml.galorex ] __ chelsea: tom finn: kenna sebastian: my ass rdj: chloe chris hemsy: ming __ eyelism
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