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TAG EVERYONE ✊🏽✊🏽 This year alone, there have been nearly 40 known cases of police being called on black people just living their lives. Actress and comedian @niecynash1 is here to help. In this satirical infomercial, she tells people what to do when they have the urge to call 911 on their black neighbors: Dial 1-844-WYT-FEAR (1-844-998-3327), a new emergency hotline for when it’s not an emergency — just harassment. | 🎥 with @thejennlyon #stopracism #satire via @nytopinion
Don’t you hate it when this happens? By @alessiodevecchi. Follow: @URBANSPOON
☁️🔵🎥 Painting process. Acrylic on board. Swipe next to see the finished painting. By @niharikahukku . Follow @ARTMEMEKING
Creative bench outside Benjamin’s Barbers in Edinburgh #whotookthis ? Follow @ARTMEMEKING
When you accidentally revealed your true self. Tag your friends! By @metamorphosia_fx for #halloween . Follow @ARTMEMEKING
Mind-blown paper sculpture by @felixsemper 🗿 Swipe left to see more! . Follow @ARTMEMEKING
Ambidextrous drawing with @martin.tardy. 🖎✏✏✍ Swipe--->1, 2 or 3? . Follow @ARTMEMEKING
Soulages Creation process 1981. “Pierre Soulages is a French painter, engraver, and sculptor. #PierreSoulages Follow @ARTMEMEKING
Look closer.. What's your fave? Art by @olegshuplyak . Follow @ARTMEMEKING
Let’s face it, everyone loves belly rubs. ESPECIALLY Charlie the koala at @australianreptilepark 🐨 Follow: @PETSOFINSTA
RIP the weekend but here’s something to make you laugh anyway. With @thathappyfamily. Follow: @ARTFIDO
iPhone animation. Swipe--> Credit: @brunettesshootblondes . Follow @ARTFIDO
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