✩Furry, MLP, & Sonic Artist. ☁︎Female. (She/They) ✩Bisexual. 💗💜💙 ☁︎@gaiax_reborn ✨💞 ✩Amino I Made⬇️

I'm starting to play AJPW a lot more now and if anyone has it I'd love to play with y'all since I need more people to play with. I also have things like rare rc, firefly, black spike, and more for offers. User is Mukiz.
Art trade with @qstars_owo ! Really adorable character. #corgiisart
This is a gift for @gaiax_reborn since we’ve been together for 3 months now. I know it isn’t much, but I tried to add things to make it look better! 😚💞💞💞 #corgiisart
Okay I haven't draw this precious boi in about 9 months and I really wanted to draw him again because I still love him SO MUXH #corgiisart #saladfingers #saladfingersfanart
Art trade with @dasupergmr ! This is a feral wolf, which I never draw anymore. Sorry if it's bad. I'll take any criticism. ;v; #corgiisart
Art trade with @solomon._.draws ! Sorry if it didn't turn out well, I tried. QwQ #corgiisart
My part of an art trade with @pxckypie ! Kye was actually really fun to draw! #corgiisart
🎀New OC🎀 •Name: Bitsy. ✩ •Species: Husky/Fox. ✩ •Gender: Female. (She/Her.) ✩ •Sexuality/Status: Bisexual And Single! ✩ •Likes: Anything Pastel, Bows, Thigh High Socks, Tentacle Hentai, Cats, Cute Upbeat Dubstep Music, People Complimenting Her Body Shape, Snakes, And Insects. ✩ •Dislikes: Her Body Shape, Any Different Hentai, Dark Colors, Edgy Music, People Who Bug Her, People Who Lower Her Confidence, And Her Eyes. ✩ •About: Bitsy Is Mostly Mute Towards People She Doesn't Know. She Will Talk To Them By Writing On a Notepad, But She Loves Talking To Friends And People Who Are Sweet To Her. She Goes Out a Lot And She Is Always Dressed Nicely. Bitsy's Friend Got Her Into Liking Hentai, But She Doesn't Care If People Dislike Her For It Since She Will Enjoy It Either Way. ✩ •Meeting: When You First Meet Her, She Will Talk Using Her Notepad But She Is Very Sweet And When She Is Talking, She Speaks Softly. She Will Always Be Nice As Long As You Stay On Her Good Side. You Wouldn't Want To Get On Her Bad Side! (Sorry for bad handwriting.)
Drew Toxic for @pxckypie ! #corgiisart
I drew this a day ago. #corgiisart
Rouge! Decided to draw her cause I love her. #corgiisart #rougethebat
Gift for @gaiax_reborn because he got 100 subscribers on YouTube and I'm really proud because he deserves them and so many more aaaaaa love youuu 😚❤️❤️❤️
This is @comet_draws_ character, Socks. She's adorable! Anything blue and yellow on the art is glittery, it just doesn't show well on camera. #corgiisart
Sorry but these made me laugh harder than they should've.
Gift for @dasupergmr ! I like how this one turned out. 😸💛 #corgiisart #corgiisanimations
Another small animation but this one is a gift for @gaiax_reborn ! You’ll have to have your brightness up to see the heart better though. Doing Sonic characters in animation is kinda hard.. But I hope you’ll like it. 😘💞
This is just a small blinking and exploding heart animation thing I made of Pinkie Pie. I am NOT an animator so I dunno what I'm doing. But I do take suggestions for these if you want one. I won't be 100% guaranteed to do it, that's why it's just suggestions. #corgiisart #corgiisanimations #pinkiepie
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