Stevie Nicks

I have a lot to say about this~ but I will save those words for later. For now I will just say, I have been in a band since 1968. To be recognized for my solo work makes me take a deep breath and smile. It's a glorious feeling.
Our hearts go out to all those affected by the horrible fires in my home State. Landing in California last night - Christine and I making the most of the new fashion accessory.
Pittsburgh...Stronger than Hate
You can vote 1x/ day until December 9th. Link in bio. #Repost @rockhall ・・・ @StevieNicks brought velvet and chiffon into the leather-and-denim world of rock, infusing sounds she admired from the acid rockers and Laurel Canyon singer-songwriters. Read Nicks' full #rockhall2019 bio and cast your vote in the @KlipschAudio Fan Vote (link in Nominee highlights). #rockthefanvote2019
Happy Birthday, Tom!
My favorite use of Gold Dust Woman! Tune in tomorrow to see me reunite with my witches! 10/9c On FX
Wow, what an honor. Stevie Nicks has been named a Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 2019 nominee. You can vote for her 1x / day until Dec. 9th at #RockHall2019
2pm PT - September 11th, 2018 Today, really, is the most important day of the year...People should stop~ and remember the brave people who ran towards death~ you should stop to remember the love that began that day~ I was there, frightened, terrified, but still so glad I was there; if only to be a part of the City of New York. I became a New Yorker that day. A great city in the middle of a great tragedy. I have never been back to ground zero. My heart just could not. I think it is time now, to go back. I have always said on this day since 9-11 that I did not have to be reminded of what happened on this day; but today~ in this world we live in~ I think everyone should be reminded ~ and go back to that day and what really happened. See it, feel it~ stand up for this country that has always been great. Let a few tears fall in respect, as I am doing now. To all the people who survived ~ and all the people who did not~ I honor you... Love always, Stevie Nicks
Thank you for having us @theellenshow. Watch the full clip at the link in my bio
Packing the essentials #Lily #FleetwoodMacTour
3am selfie after shooting @ahsfx #selfie