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Michelle’s man is proof that #ChivalryIsntDead ! She walked out to her car to find this waiting for her! That’s a man who’s making an effort. If you have proof that Chivalry isn’t dead yet, tell us at #stevetvshow
Hey guys: if there’s one thing you shouldn’t do on a date, DON’T DO THIS! We almost needed security for this boy. #stevetvshow
How do you know when she’s the one? Steve lays it out simply. #stevetvshow
Should women offer to pay on the first date? Should men accept? Steve says what he thinks! #stevetvshow
When Tim Allen is here, you’ve got to ask... Nailed It or Failed It? #stevetvshow
Not everyone needs to know. #stevetvshow
Be sure to take advantage of the deals you saw on today’s show! Head to @morningsave now! #stevetvshow
There are three types of men when they get sick - which one is your man?? #stevetvshow
It started as a real estate question... but then @ryanserhant and Steve decided to dive into the relationship! 😂😂 #stevetvshow
#ChivalryIsntDead - Linda has proof that chivalry is alive and well these days. Her husband of 36 years, Jon, still brings her a cup of coffee in bed every morning and tells her he loves her! If your man has done something romantic, send us a photo at #stevetvshow
When Steve and his wife @marjorie_harvey met, he had other ideas for the relationship. Today he told what she did that changed his mind! #stevetvshow
Tomorrow, Steve's wife @marjorie_harvey is joining him to help answer relationship questions - and they get real about their own relationship. 🙌 #stevetvshow
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