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Art YouTuber | Twitch streamer | Fairy enthusiast 🧚‍♀️✨ 💙DoodleDate insta: @doodledateofficial ✏️Boyfriend: @adamsketches

It’s the first few pages of my Cereal Fairies comic!! 🥣 ✨ It’s a lil personal project of mine so I don’t plan to put it on a schedule or anything, just doing it for funsies ☺️
Froggo and Bee living their best life in mushroom town 🍄 🐝 I doodled this a while ago for a video! I’ve been working on my personal project a lot recently so my instagrams been pretty quiet - I’m excited to show you guys some of the stuff I’ve been working on though!! I’m not sure if instagrams the best place to share comic stuff but MEh I’m on a journey of self discovery lols 🤷‍♀️
I had such a good day!! 🍁 I went for a little autumn walk and then later when I was back home, I heard FIREWORKS outside. I forgot it’s bonfire night soon!! It must have set off somethin primal in me because I threw on my shoes and ran out at night alone.. which is very out of character for me haha. I phoned Adam once I discovered the size of the display and woke him from a nap to come quickly join me before the fireworks finished :’) I had to brighten my last pic loads to show when I first discovered the display through the woodland area. I love dat crisp November air and the smell of bonfire!! 🎇🔥🍁⭐️🌔
piggu doodle 🐷 inspired by a childhood toy I used to have!! also check me out using some fineliners I bought like 3 years ago and never used HEYYoh #sketchbook #gouache #gouachepainting #pig
Little fairy doors and spirits mostly inspired by horseshoes - both my grandparents had horseshoes on the outside of their houses!! I think they look oddly magical ✨ #fairyart #fairies #sketchbook #sketches
Some MySteRioUs iTeMs for sale that seem enchanted ...they might also just be old pocket junk 💍✨ #gouache #gouachepainting
wow thanks super colourful snail pal 🐌🌈 #gouache #snail #holbein #sketchbook
After a day of only using pencils I was craving dat SWEET, SWEET, COLOUR. So treated myself to these gouache toobz 🎨✨ #gouache #gouachepaint #holbein #holbeingouache
YASSS my gouache pan project from our recent YouTube video worked. I’m so glad I didn’t waste my nice paints :0 and yes, PAINTS LOL. So many of you guys thought I was scared of wasting my nice PANTS #gouache #holbeingouache #painting
Its been a pj and paint kinda day 🛏✨ #sketchbook #gouache #gouachepainting
I got some new paints for my birthday so test painted some shrooms 🍄 #sketchbook #gouache #gouachepainting #mushroomart
It’s been a while since I drew a fisher lady! Here’s a pal for the other one I created 🎣 🐟 #sketchbook #copicciao #markerdrawing
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